If Only You Knew

Author: Gwyneth Bolton

Publisher: Kimani

Release Date: July 1, 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Since her grandmother’s stroke, Latonya Stevens has worked long hours at Harrington Enterprise to help pay for the mortgage on her childhood home and the tuition not covered by scholarships for her sister’s college expenses. With no time for a social life, Latonya enjoys the flirtatious advances of her coworker, Jeff, but it’s really her moody, sexy-as-sin boss Carlton who lights her fire.

Carlton Harrington III had been abroad working on an expansion project to extend the business further into the Caribbean. Once he returned stateside he temporarily took over Latonya’s department and they’ve been butting heads ever since, especially when he overhears Jeff’s advances and Latonya’s teasing response.

Carlton knows that Latonya turned down Jeff’s invitation to go out to Soka’s after work for drinks with the rest of the coworkers, but the fact that she’s so friendly with Jeff and won’t even smile at him is really annoying. Never mind that he’s so beastly to her that she’d rather change departments than have to put up with his attitude. Only he’s refusing to allow the transfer, and wants to explore their obvious mutual attraction. Latonya agrees to dinner and ends up staying the night.

One night is not enough and Carlton asks Latonya to move in with him. She refuses and goes on with life as usual until Carlton’s jealousy gets the better of him at work and he starts issuing demands about her personal life. Latonya has had enough and quits her job. That same day, Carlton shows up at her home with an apology and a marriage proposal, less than three months later they're married and expecting a child. What should be a happy union turns into a nightmare for Latonya as Carlton’s grandfather does everything in his power to sabotage their relationship. Will Latonya and Carlton be able to get past the mistakes caused by Carlton’s grandfather's lies and deception?

IF ONLY YOU KNEW is Gwyneth Bolton’s second published novel. Her characters are realistic, spicy, full of attitude and a delight to imagine. I love how Latonya isn’t afraid to take on Carlton’s grandfather and she won’t apologize for who she is or where she comes from. She’s incredibly strong-willed and a wonderful modern day kick-butt woman. While this book is geared toward people of color, I believe people of any race or nationality will be able to thoroughly enjoy this thrilling tale of the coming together of two people from vastly different backgrounds. Ms. Bolton has proven herself to be an awesome author and if you check her website you can see the lineup of her books that are due to be released in the near future. This is a powerful story with many twists and turns that will keep you guessing throughout the entire book.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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