If This Bed Could Talk

Author: Liz Maverick, Kimberly Dean, Lynn LaFleur

Publisher: Avon Red

Release Date: May 23, 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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AGENT PROVOCATEUR by Liz Maverick Vienna James has one last chance and the odds are definitely not stacked in her favor. Vienna was a weapons specialist until she got busted for the third time. Now the only thing that can save her life is if she can convince some man to buy her for whatever services he desire's.

Michael and Devlin Kingston have one goal in life, revenge. Pierce Mackey betrayed the Kingston family taking their business, their loyalty and their love including Devlin's fiancee Julia. The Kingston brother's have a plan; with some help from Vienna they are going to make sure Pierce pays dearly for his betrayal.

While Michael trains Vienna for her role as a seductress he finds himself being seduced by her passion and beauty. When the time comes for Vienna to do the job she was bought and trained to do can Michael let her go?


UNREQUITED by Kimberly Dean

It has been nearly a year since Trista's divorce and with the insistence of her friends she was out on her first date. The date was not going well, at least for Trista. She was not attracted to Cliff at all, they ended up at the wrong restaurant, and then to make matters worse her ex-brother-in-law was at the bar and grill they ended up at. Trista could feel Ty staring at her the entire time she was there and it was making her body have some very strange reactions.

Tyler Christiansen was furious when he seen Trista out with another man. For three long years he has kept his feelings for Trista a secret but now it looked like it was time to make his move. Trista has always cared about Ty but having a relationship with him just didn't feel right. Trista just could not help but wonder what his parents would think? Ty is a man in love and it may take a little convincing but he was definitely up for the challenge.


 VICTIM OF DECEPTION by Lynn LaFleur When Karessa Austin inherited her Aunt Grace's house she didn't realize that she would also be inheriting the resident ghost's. At first Karessa had no intention of keeping the old Victorian house but after one look she fell in love with it.

Max Hennessey was a treasure hunter it was in his blood, like an addiction he couldn't control. He didn't do it for the money, he had plenty of that it was the adrenaline rush that made him crave the prize at any cost. His latest hunt was for some old railroad bonds that are worth millions. The only problem was that they were in Fort Worth, Texas in a house that the woman he once loved and betrayed owns. Can Max comes up with a plan to convince Karessa to let him back into her life long enough to claim his treasure?

Aaron and Mary are the resident ghost's stuck in the house that they were killed in by a curse from the witch that killed them. Mary knows that their great, great granddaughter Karessa is the key to breaking the curse. Can these two ghost's help Karessa find forgiveness and love or will they be forced to spend another eternity apart?


Three stories by three very talented authors what more could anyone ask for? IF THIS BED COULD TALK has it all and then some; passion, romance, sexy hero's that only the perfect heroine could tame and stories that will keep you turning page after page. Avon Red kicks off their brand new erotic line with a bang and I will definitely be waiting in line for the next.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dina Smith

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