If You Find Me
By Sarah W
May 6, 2013 - 8:00:00 AM

Carey and Jenessa have been surviving, barely, all alone in the woods after their mother disappeared. She is usually only gone for a short time but the days are stretching on and on and Carey is not sure if she will ever see her mom again. But she has to be strong and take care of her little sister. Everything changes when a man and a woman find them in their forest hidey-hole. The man, Carey’s father, and the woman, a social worker, take Carey and Jenessa out of the woods and into civilization.

It is not easy however. Jenessa has never had a normal life and Carey barely remembers what a normal life is like. She has to enter high school. She has to be around mean girls and boys. Carey just wants to make sure Jenessa has a good life. She does not care about herself but fortunately, there are new people in her life who do love Carey and will do whatever they can to help her adjust and move forward with her life.

IF YOU FIND ME is a sad but ultimately hopeful young adult story featuring a strong main character who has survived some truly, truly horrendous life events. Emily Murdoch writes an engaging story from start to finish. I was so impressed with how Carey did everything she could to make sure Jenessa had a good life, even at the expense of her own life. She expects so little from others and that is hard to read. But, despite the sad events that have occurred in Carey’s life, there is a lot of heart in this story, starting with Carey’s tentative reunion with her father. Trust builds very slowly but it happens and it will warm even the coldest of hearts. This is a young adult book but I think even adults will find something to relate to in Carey’s struggle and ultimate survival. IF YOU FIND ME is a stand-out story.

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