If You Just Say Yes
By Chrissy Dionne
Jun 1, 2005 - 9:32:00 AM

Michelle works as a journalist for the Manhattan Business Journal in New York. Shejust finished putting the finishing touches on a major story about Stanford Chapelle, CEO of Luxor Enterprises. This story would make her career, and then she receives the phone call that questions her ethics and sends her life and career into a tailspin.

Wesley Abbott is a reporter for the Detroit Herald in Michigan. His brother, Patrick,serving time in a correction facility, and his parents are nagging him to take his niece, Kelly, on the four-hour trip to visit with Patrick. Wesley’s twenty-seven years old and still has no interest in committing to any woman. He adores women, just hasn’t found the right one yet. Michelle’s life is going down the tubes fast. Her friend, Courtney Banks, crashed her date and stole the man away. That’s one friendship down the drain. The story she was working on is shelved because of false accusations. She’s forced to take a leave of absence from her job in New York, return to her hometown of Detroit and take a job at the Herald in the features department. The only upside she can see is that she’ll be able to spend more time with her family.Wesley is already late for work. He was cursing himself for spending the night with Brynn before he broke it off with her. He should have gone to bed alone since he knew he’d have a long workday ahead of him. Now he’s rushing to make it to work before a scheduled phone interview. Discovering another car in the slot he paid good money to park in was not a good thing... until he sees the woman getting out of that car. Reon Laudat has written a powerful story sure to capture your heart. IF YOU JUST SAY YES grabs a hold of you from the very first sentence and doesn’t let go until the very end. The characters are so "real" you just want to reach out and hug them. I was even able to feel their emotions as I read through the pages. Ms. Laudat's book, WANNA GET TO KNOW YA, is due out in October.

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