Illegal Moves
By Cheryl McInnis
Jul 5, 2009 - 7:12:53 AM

Fifteen years ago, when they were college sweethearts, Caroline Ellis and Jordan Fox made a deal.  Caroline kept her end of the bargain, but Jordan backed out at the last minute and left her an angry and bitter woman.  Caroline is now a successful corporate attorney, and she is in the middle of negotiating a very important take-over for her client when she realizes the owner of the other firm involved is none other than Jordan Fox.  When her client insists that she stay on as his counsel, Caroline vows to stay, impervious to Jordan’s charisma and sex appeal.  After all, there is nothing Jordan Fox can do to make things up to her…or is there?

Jordan Fox realizes that fifteen years ago he made the biggest mistake of his life by letting Caroline Ellis slip through his fingers.  No other woman has ever measured up to her or made Jordan feel the way Caroline did.  When he discovers a way to make contact with her again after all this time, he jumps at the chance, even though it means purchasing a company that he doesn’t really want or need.  Trusting his good friend and attorney Seth to handle the legal dealings with Caroline, Jordan concentrates on wooing back the woman he has always loved.  But the price she is asking may still be too high for Jordan to pay.

Seth Foster is Jordan’s attorney and best friend.  He has been keeping a secret from Jordan the whole time they’ve known each other; Seth is bi-sexual, and he is very much in lust with the extremely straight Jordan.  Seth has just about given up on ever having his fantasies about Jordan come true, especially after meeting the very sexy and intelligent woman who has held his boss’ heart for all these years.  When Caroline and Jordan reveal the bargain that they struck, and that Jordan reneged on years ago, Seth realizes that there may be a way for him to not only assist Jordan in winning back Caroline’s heart, but to live out his wildest dream as well.

ILLEGAL MOVES is a smart and sexy read filled with lots of steamy love scenes and snappy dialogue.  The characters are all very likable, and I found myself rooting for Jordan, hoping that he could finally redeem himself, as well as for Seth and his unrequited feelings for his boss.  I really enjoyed reading ILLEGAL MOVES.  It was different than my usual choices, but it was certainly a good way to expand my horizons and test out a story involving male/male interaction.  Anyone looking for a well written, engaging erotic story should definitely pick up ILLEGAL MOVES.

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