Immortal Blossom: Awakening
By Angel
Jul 10, 2006 - 9:40:00 PM

Shay Coles will never admit to the erotic dreams she has about the mysterious man who has been coming into her store for the last eight months.  She can’t explain the strong attraction she feels for this man or the fact that he never seems to make an advance toward her.  Who is this man and why is he suddenly a regular in her shop?  What is he really after?

Mikhail knows what he wants and what he wants is Shay.  He’s watched her time after time watching him and can see the hunger that lies behind her eyes. Of course he plays it cool, never letting on that he is really interested in her.  However, when the time comes when he can no longer pretend, will he find himself wanting to keep her for longer than a night?


This is the first book I have read by Taige Crenshaw and I think her imaginative tale is fantastic.  Shay is a businesswoman trying to make a success of her flower shop; problem is she keeps getting side tracked by those pesky fantasies of Mikhail.   Mikhail is tall dark and totally sexy, just the description of his intense gaze will melt you to your seat.  Love scenes are wonderfully erotic with plenty of heat to keep the reader happy.  I will certainly be on the lookout for more of Taige Crenshaw’s work in the future.

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