Impossible Choice
By Jo
Dec 1, 2013 - 10:00:08 AM

There are quite a few characters in the story given how short the book is but they all interacted and I feel I got to know them.  Sven, the landowner, seems to be on a different page throughout compared to Gemma, the outsider who is the schoolteacher, and the islanders who need more land to farm and less fisherman as to not overfish.

Summers' IMPOSSIBLE CHOICE was difficult to get into since there was a lot of dialogue that was hard to follow since it was Scottish. The storyline also seemed disjointed at times.  Sven and Gemma seemed headed to a romance but it was hard to see at times given their stance on the island was so opposite.  I did get a feel of the schoolhouse, the gardens, the island and the sea given the vivid descriptions. There was a lot of heartache, a little romance and love, along with family and friends and some history.  There was unexpected closure and a happily ever after that came from nowhere.  An epilogue if not a few more chapters would have been nice.

Summers is a new to me author and I'm not sure if I'd give other books a try just because it was disjointed and didn't have a good flow.  There are too many other good authors and books out there for me to spend more time with one that I really wasn't into.

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