Improper Etiquette

Author: Janice Maynard

Publisher: Signet Eclipse

Release Date: July 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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The lives of three women are surprisingly influenced by a completely outdated etiquette manual, Miss Matilda's Guide to Love and Romance for the Proper Young Lady (1949).



Francesca Fremont is a caterer, filling a niche in her small hometown of Camron, TN.   When a man moves into the old house next door, Francesca's southern hospitality kicks in.   Apparently Francesca doesn't make a good first impression, because the man all but chases her off his property.   Later, while poking through a box of garage-sale cook books she'd bought, she finds a copy of Miss Matilda's Guide to Love and Romance for the Proper Young Lady.   As a caterer, she's intrigued by the sections about the sensual possibilities of food and some ideas begin to form.


Brett Gilman has been through the wringer.   Accused of embezzling, his name was dragged through the mud until his good friend and business partner finally confessed to the crimes.   Disillusioned, Brett left New York City in search of a small, quiet town where he can live in anonymity.   Camron seems perfect but unfortunately, the Internet makes it nearly impossible for Brett to hide his past.   When his beautiful new neighbor appears at his door, his first instinct is to drive her away.   The guilt he feels almost immediately afterward is compounded when she leaves a delicious culinary offering at his door.


Will Brett's apology for his rude behavior lead to something far more intense and complicated? Francesca certainly hopes so!





Lily Langford is a pediatric nurse.   Originally from Mississippi, she's lived and worked in Boston for the past eighteen months.   Lily loves her job and her night schedule.   And she just might be in lust with her gorgeous, brilliant neighbor.   He's friendly enough, but he just doesn’t seem to be interested in her as a woman.   When an online store accidentally delivers a copy of Miss Matilda's Guide to Love and Romance for the Proper Young Lady, she decides to flip through the pages.   The advice is completely outdated, but maybe she'll find a few ideas to help her catch Ben's attention.


Benjamin Reynolds is a gifted scientist who works on highly influential projects.   From an early age, he was taught to use his remarkable intelligence to help others.   He works nights and doesn't have much time for a social life, but he's always expected to live that way.   So why can't he get Lily Langford off his mind?   He would love to learn the secrets of her body, but surely, a woman who works with children wouldn't be interested in a sexual fling.   And Ben is never going to get married.   He's sure he would be a terrible husband and father.


When Lily makes some changes to their comfortable, friendly routine, Ben is surprisingly irritated.   She can't be interested in another man, can she?   Ben believes they shouldn't be together, but that doesn't mean he wants any other man to have Lily.   And Lily is sexier and more desirable than ever.   What is Ben going to do?





Caitlyn Anderson's interior design company has been chosen by the mayor of Atlanta to work on an important revitalization project.   She's worked hard to make her company a success and the high-profile project is quite coup, but there's one problem.   His name is Duke Yancey.   How can she work with someone so annoyingly perfect, who acts like he's God's gift to women?   Worse, Caitlyn is attracted to the guy, but she would never give him the satisfaction of admitting it.


Duke Yancey is a good-looking, successful guy who usually has no trouble attracting female attention.   Beautiful Caitlyn Anderson has a reputation as a gracious, intelligent lady, but for some reason, he seems to bring out the worst in her.   Working closely together isn't going to be easy on the libido.   Well, maybe Duke can turn it into an opportunity to improve Caitlyn's opinion of him, or at least find out why she can't stand him.


When Caitlyn happens upon a small, old book, Miss Matilda's Guide to Love and Romance for the Proper Young Lady, a passage about love and war catches her eye.   Caitlyn isn't sure it applies to her situation with Duke, but it's intriguing.   Or it would be, if Caitlyn wanted to catch the guy for something permanent.   But no matter what she thinks of him, it's obvious her body wants Duke.   Should she indulge in some casual sex and get him out of her system?   She'll keep her body happy and her heart intact.   What does she have to lose?



IMPROPER ETIQUETTE is a wonderfully erotic peek into the lives of three very different women and the men who command their passion.   Does Miss Matilda's advice have any place in the twenty-first century?   Each woman will have to discover the answer for herself.   What a treat for readers to go along for the ride!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Alane

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