In Your Dreams, Blue Heron, book 4

Author: Kristan Higgins

Publisher: Harlequin

Release Date: October, 2014

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Emmaline Neal is a police officer in the small town of Manningsport, New York. She has received a wedding invitation from her ex-fiance, who is getting married in Malibu. She doesn’t want to go by herself so she is looking for a friendly man to go with her. She doesn’t want to look pathetic by going alone. Emma had been deeply in love with her long-time boyfriend Kevin since grade school. He was obese, and Emma was a stutterer, so they were all each other had because the kids shunned them. When they were in college and engaged, Kevin decided to try and lose some of his weight by going to a gym. Kevin meets a trainer named Naomi who treats him badly,  but kept him on track in losing weight. Kevin broke up with Emma and started seeing Naomi to help him lose his weight. Emma was so unhappy she moved to New York so she wouldn’t have to run into him in Malibu.

Jack Holland has grown up in Manningsport and after college came home to help in the running of the family winery. His life had taken a misstep when he married a woman from Savannah, Georgia. Hadley was a spoiled southern belle who thought she had married a rich man. She went about spending money for expensive clothes and shoes and hiding them in the attic. He told Hadley to quit spending frivolously, so Hadley went to another winery and got a job. Things were going well or so Jack thought until he came home early and found Hadley having sex with her boss in Jack’s bed. Jack got a divorce and decided to not have any more serious relationships.

When Jack’s sisters asked him to go with Emmaline to her ex’s wedding in Malibu, Jack agrees. Jack has been overrun by hero worshippers after rescuing three of four boys from the bottom of the lake in a car. Jack has been having nightmares since the accident and just wants to forget it. When Jack’s ex-wife shows up in town trying to get back with him, Jack decides going to Malibu with Emmaline is a good idea.

Emmaline has had a little crush on Jack since she moved to town but never imagined they would end up on a trip to Malibu. Jack has played on the hockey team with Emma and has always liked her. Getting to know each other in a different environment gives Jack and Emmaline time to think about what they want out of life. Emmaline knows she never wants to be hurt again, and Jack is trying to deal with PTSD and family troubles. After their time together they decide to just stay friends.

This story tells how getting over a heartbreak and trying to find a way to have a good life with another is not always a short trip. As well as going from friends to an intimate relationship doesn’t always work out. I enjoyed this story by laughing, crying and sighing over all the good family love and the obstacles of everyday life. I gave this book 5 Blue Ribbons and would recommend it to anyone who wants an easy read.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Diana S

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