In 9 Days
By Suzie Housley
Jun 10, 2013 - 5:30:10 AM

It is Tessa’s last year of high school and she is just a few days away from turning eighteen.  When a transfer student enters into one of her classes she finds that she is intrigued by the newcomer.  Kevin has suffered extensive burns on his face and body; his injuries are not accepted by his classmates.

Kevin is hiding a past he would rather not revisit.  The visible burns and scars he has is nothing compared to the dark past he has experienced.  His classmate’s reaction to him is what he expected.  There is only one girl he notices that doesn't look at him with repulsion.

Tessa is determined to get to know Kevin better.  She makes it a point to single him out to get an opportunity to finally meet him.  Kevin is stunned that such a beautiful girl as Tessa could be intrigued by his beastly appearance. 

Will Tessa convince Kevin that her attraction to him is genuine?  Can the two of them find a love that will carry them through time?

IN 9 DAYS is a wonderfully constructed young adult novel.  Tessa and Kevin are characters your quickly fall in love with as you experience their growing attraction.  Red Phoenix has done an outstanding job in this creation.  How she interweaves a beauty and the beast theme is a work of a genius.

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