In A Soldier's Arms : Hearts of Appalachia Book Two
By J.T.
Feb 4, 2008 - 10:19:41 AM

Determined to discover the remaining members of her family, Maggie O'Neil journeyed deep into the heart of the Appalachian mountains following the directions of a barely legible letter written in the shaky hands of her maternal grandmother. What Maggie finds there, apart from one cantankerous old woman, is a wounded warrior with pain filled eyes.

Abram Devane came to the secluded cabin to rest his weary soul and recuperate from his numerous war injuries. Amidst the thriving vegetation of the mountain, it is in the verdant green of Maggie's eyes that Abram finds the peace he has been searching for.

While circumstances forced these two lonely souls together, will personal demons and the good people of Clan Macpherson keep them apart? Will Maggie ever be able to find the sense of belonging she seeks IN A SOLDIER'S ARMS, or will Abram and her proud Granny drive her away with their inability to accept her healing presence?

Marin Thomas brings us another wonderfully touching tale written for her HEARTS OF APPALACHIA series. With just a few well chosen words and details, Marin skillfully portrays the life of a charming rural community in the mountains of Kentucky. As we revisit with the many colorful characters of Heather's Hollow, we can not help but rejoice at their triumphs and worry for their troubles.

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