In Between Men
By Kimberly Leslie
May 1, 2006 - 7:17:00 AM

As if Isa's life could be any worse, she's having ex-husband issues.  Carlos is mean to their son Andrew and acts like spending time with him was a crimp in his life.  It was one thing to treat Isa badly it was entirely different to do it to their child!  What can she do without putting Andrew in the middle of the battle, other than ringing Carlos's neck?

Carlos decides to talk freely and bluntly to a radio station about their life and how correct the students were with their voices.  Yes, live and on the air, Carlos spills it all!

With the help from friends, Isa changes herself from the boring-safe look, to a goddess.  Ok, maybe not goddess, but Isa wasn't going for that look anyway.  Her new look says she is not a wrinkled up prune she is still young and sexy and doing just fine.

Again her friends try to save the day, they set her up on a date with a sexier than sexy eligible bachelor, who just happens to be Andrew's coach, Alex.  Even though it appeared Alex wasn't interested, Isa is all he can think about.  A woman like Isa usually isn't his type, in fact, far from it; however the more he bumps into her the more he wants to get to know her.

You need to drop everything and run out right now and buy this book!  Ms. Castillo has written the perfect romance story by blending emotions with tons of humor, and it's all nicely tucked inside the covers of IN BETWEEN MEN. 

You'll find yourself totally absorbed in the story as you are actually fighting along with Isa by dealing with one disater after another.  There's one warning though, be careful where you read this!  You'll laugh your butt off throughout the story and depending on where you are people may wonder why you're laughing so hard you're crying!  Yes, IN BETWEEN MEN is that funny!

IN BETWEEN MEN is a feel good all over story.  It not only touches your funny bone, the characters capture your heart immediately and stay with you long after the last page.  This is the first book of Ms. Castillo's I have read but it won't be the last.  I can't wait to read her previous book HOT TAMARA as soon as possible!

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