In Between
By Leigh
Aug 5, 2007 - 4:56:45 PM

When her mom is sentenced to prison, Katie Parker is given the dubious honor of becoming a ward of the state of Texas. After a six month stint at the Sunny Haven Home for Girls, Katie is just delighted (not) to be on her way to her new pretend-o-parents in the town of In Between. Aside from the obvious name issues, the town has also given their high school a Chihuahua for a mascot and doesn’t even have a McDonald’s. Katie doesn’t want to stay with her foster parents, the Reverend and Mrs. Scott (they actually expect her to go to church!), and doesn’t want to become a McDonald-less Chihuahua.

No one seems to care what Katie wants, so she decides to make her position known with a few well-timed comments on concealed weapons and a Goth wardrobe. She figures that the straight-laced Scott’s will send her packing in no time. But Katie hadn’t counted on James and Millie Scott being as stubborn as she is. For some reason they want her around and believe she can make a better life for herself.  


After a few rough days, Katie finds herself settling in and adjusting to In Between. She’s still not thrilled about the whole church thing, and has mixed feelings about Frances, the model student determined to befriend her. And she’s definitely not thrilled with the town terror “Mad Maxine”, her crazy new foster grandma. But for some reason she finds herself wanting to live up to the trust the Scott’s have given her. Can she really become the person the Scott’s say God wants her to be, or will she fall back into her old habits and be sent back to Sunny Haven?


IN BETWEEN is the first book in author Jenny B. Jones ‘Katie Parker Production’ series for teens. The usual growing-pains teen angst is countered by Katie’s wit and sarcasm, giving the reader many laugh out loud moments. Even through her humor it’s easy to see Katie as a scared little girl. She wonders when the next bad thing will happen to her, and her vulnerability is heartbreaking. The Scotts, Frances, and especially Maxine all add depth to Katie’s character and help build interest in the series. Though this book is aimed at teens, the storyline, humor, and great writing will appeal to adults as well. The next book in the series, ON THE LOOSE, is due out in fall of 2007.

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