In Debt to the Dom
By Maree Schuler
Jan 2, 2011 - 5:49:35 PM

IN DEBT TO THE DOM is the type of BDSM novel that I love. Maddie has done something very, very wrong for all of the right reasons. When Keaton discovers her misdeed he has no choice but to punish her the only way his inner Dom knows how, he demands her submission. As their time passes they both learn things about each other and begin to work past their hurt feelings and form a force to be feared when it comes to handling those that have wronged them.

This is a steamy read but the love scenes add so much to their dynamic and eventual falling in love that I was impressed with how Jan Bowles wrote them and made them such an important part of the story.  The characters were allowed to grow and feel real to me and this is so critical in any BDSM book. Without that emotional tie I can find myself losing the connections with the characters I need to get truly drawn into the storyline. Over all I would recommend IN DEBT TO THE DOM to anyone who loves romance with that BDSM twist. The story is very sexually charged but I loved every page of it!

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