In Deep Voodoo

Author: Stephanie Bond

Publisher: Avon

Release Date: October 1st, 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Penny Francisco's friends are throwing her a divorce party to celebrate her freedom from her cheating husband, Deke Black. He not only left her for a lawsuit-happy tanning-salon owner, but also let the tart paint Penny's beloved Victorian mansion a hideous pink.  When Penny gets a voodoo doll that looks like Deke as a gag gift at the party, she jokingly on the urging of her friends, sticks it with a pin.  Trouble arises when Deke is fatally stabbed with a lawn stake from Penny's garden, add that to the voodoo doll incident, it Penny becomes suspect number one.

In order to help clear herself, Penny hires B.J. Beaumont, a private investigator whose junk food habits completely clashes with Penny's health-nut ways.  Things are heating up between Penny and her hot Cajun P.I., but with reporters hounding her and being shot at, there just isn't enough time left over to start a relationship.  Not to mention the fact that Penny's starting to suspect that B.J. may in fact be Deke's killer.

IN DEEP VOODOO is a funny, light-hearted read.  A cast of quirky characters including a 109 year old grandma who's as randy as a goat and a devote believer in voodoo magic, this book will keep you entertained till the end.  For those who can't get enough and want more, you're in luck; IN DEEP VOODOO is the first in a series about the people in the small town of Mojo. You won't get your next fix until sometime in 2006, so 'til then, be sure to keep IN DEEP VOODOO at hand for those times you need a little voodoo magic pick me up.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Rosie Bindra

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