In His Brother's Place
By Dottie
Jan 1, 2013 - 7:00:25 PM

Jordan Cooper and his twin brother Justin had once been very close, but that was before Angie came into their lives. Justin had fallen hard for Angie, a hostess in an upscale Mexican restaurant and had become engaged to her. Certain she was a gold-digger after his money, Jordan and his parents had tried to dissuade him…right up until the plane crash that took Justin’s life. Afterwards, their father died, succumbing to grief, and their mother had moved into a nursing home, refusing to return to the ranch where they had spent their lives. As for Angie, she had disappeared. No one had heard from her. But now four years later, Jordan caught a mention of her on a website. Researching her, he found a picture that led him to hire a private investigator and leave immediately to confront her. It seems that she and Justin had had a son, one that she had kept away from the family. Having always been the one to try to work out the family problems, he set out to bring the boy and his mom into the family fold and maybe rid himself of a little guilt in the process.

Angie Montoya, now with her own website business, is struggling to raise her son. After Justin’s death, she had stayed away from his disapproving family, not letting them know about her son’s existence for fear they would treat him the same way they had treated her. Although she lived in a dangerous neighborhood, she had dreams of finding a better place once her business had grown a little. She still blamed herself for Justin’s death. If she had taken the money his family had offered her to leave him, he would not have been flying the plane, rushing to be with her on her birthday. He would not have flown into the mountain range and crashed. He had not even known about her pregnancy. She had been planning to tell him on her birthday. But Angie also had other memories, such as the night that she had caught her drunken fiancé kissing another woman at a party. Asking Jordan to drive her home, he had consoled her…a consolation which had resulted in a heated kiss. Although she had slapped the man who had been trying to break up her engagement, she could not forget the kiss and how it made her feel.

Angie was shocked to see Jordan on her doorstep and was quick to turn down his offer for her and her son to move onto the ranch with him. But the subsequent gunfire at her apartment building that same evening soon changed her mind. Spending her days near Jordan, Angie could not help wondering what his motive was for bringing them to the ranch. But soon she began to see the strong man, who looked just like her fiancé, but was stronger in a lot of ways. She could not help falling for him, but knew there was no future in it.

Having Angie and Lucas at the ranch, Jordan was finding a happiness he had never felt before. Although he had disapproved of her at first, he had discovered that she was a warm, caring person and a wonderful mother. The last thing he wanted was to lose these two people. But he knew if Angie ever found out what really happened the night that Justin died she would not be able to forgive him. He had tried to protect her and his parents from the truth. But when she begins to seek answers about Justin’s accident for her son’s sake, will he lose her for good, or will she forgive him? Can they build a life together after the tragedy they have experienced?


An emotion-packed read, IN HIS BROTHER’S PLACE, the latest novel by talented author Elizabeth Lane, is a heartwarming, sensual contemporary romance that will capture your attention from the very first page. I read it in one sitting, unable to put it down. Ms. Lane’s well-drawn characters will soon have you empathizing with them, as they struggle with the past, trying to make sense of it, while trying to go on with their lives. Angie’s son, Lucas, also adds a great deal of appeal to the story. Filled with witty repartee, complex characters, an intriguing plot, family dynamics, secrets, guilt, forgiveness, true love, second chances and a truly emotional ending, this story is sure to steal your heart. It is one that you will remember long after the last page is read and the book is closed. After reading several of Ms. Lane’s works, I have quickly become a fan. Now I look forward to reading her next contemporary novel, THE SANTANA HEIR, due out in July of 2013. For those who enjoy western historical romances, her new book, THE BALLAD OF EMMA O'TOOLE, a working title, is due out in September of 2013. In the meantime, be sure to pick up your own copy of IN HIS BROTHER’S PLACE. I highly recommend it!

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