In His Dreams
By Amelia
Jul 24, 2007 - 7:57:10 AM

Welcome to beautiful Beaver Island. It is a place that holds wonderful memories of the past tinged with the sadness of what used to be, now gone forever. Marsha has returned to the summer cottage that she shared with her husband. After his passing four years ago from Lou Gehrig’s disease, she took her sister into her home. This will keep her occupied by having someone to look after. The trip to the cottage should give them a fresh start. As the memories chase around in Marsha’s mind, she is concerned about her sister. Barb has lost her carefree-spirit and Marsha wants to find out why.

Jeff Sullivan lost his wife in a tragic accident. He has an emotionally impaired daughter that he is responsible for and is sorely in need of patience. He blames God for taking his wife and has lost his faith.  When Marsha and Jeff meet, they reminisce about happy times. Marsha offers Jeff some parenting advice after watching his struggles with Bonnie, his daughter. She is not a mother, but it is in her nature to be a caretaker of those in need.
Guilt assails Marsha and Jeff. She feels unfaithful, and Jeff isn’t ready for advice on how to raise his daughter. Years ago, when they met up as families, the times together were full of joy. Now, with their partners gone, they are left with an emptiness that reaches clear to their souls.
As grounded as Marsha is in her faith, she learns a valuable lesson from her sister about love, and patience. Can God help them get over the past and accept the peace of being together?

Once again, Gail Gaymer Martin takes us on a romantic journey, which includes a touch from God's hand. Martin provides wonderful gems of knowledge hidden inside on how to handle life’s problems, without being preachy. Marsha Sullivan is a woman who likes to take care of people. Sometimes, she likes to tell others how to live their lives, when she knows nothing about their individual trials. Marsha’s return to the cabin leads her to a wonderful caring man who is her brother-in-law.  Spending time with Jeff and his daughter, Marsha’s empty heart is filled with love at the bond they share.  I sympathized with her as she learned it is all right to go on and fall in love again.  
You will discover IN HIS DREAMS is an uplifting story, showing us that God does care in the midst of our trials. I have read Gail Gaymer Martin's other stories and have always come away with a different message of God’s promises. Her stories fill me with hope as they seem to fit in my own life and they give me reason to think. This story is one to treasure and will be passed from friend to friend with the sentiment; you have to read this!

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