In His Own Defense
By Bea Sigman
Jul 8, 2003 - 1:53:00 AM

Sparks fly when tall, dark and handsome criminal defense attorney, Tony Landry, sets his sites on beautiful prosecutor, Kristine Granger.  But as much as Kristine would like to follow that sexual pull towards Tony, she is determined to fight those feelings.  Kristine believes that all the criminals Tony represents are guilty and should be locked up.  She has vowed to make sure every drug dealer is put in prison as retribution for her sister’s death and allows this vow to run her life.

Tony knows he needs to gain Kristine’s trust, along with showing her that things are not always black and white, but sometimes gray.  He knows that she is going to destroy herself if she doesn’t start looking at things in a new light.  Plus he also has to find the right time to tell her about his less than stellar past.  He just hopes that Kristen can see past the vengeance she so desires for her family, to the love she can have with Tony. 

Once again Ann Jacobs has pulled me into one of her books and relating to her characters.  I couldn’t stop reading this one until it was finished.  This time she had me really feeling for Tony.  Here is a nice guy who only wants to make his life better.  But I can understand where Kristen was coming from, although neither of them should have let the past rule their lives and determine their future.  I love reading Ann’s books; she always writes an awesome story that leaves me feeling fulfilled in the end.  The sex scenes are hot and the emotions pull at your heart.  If you love contemporary romance, then grab this one right away!

Now available in print in the LAWYERS IN LOVE: DEFENDERS book.

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