In Love With a Lost Boy

Author: Amy Brighton

Publisher: Amy Brighton

Release Date: July 2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5

Format: EBOOK

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Genevieve is a young lady out of college and cannot find a job in her field.  All Genevieve knows right now is that she desperately wants to be with the boy she loves.  She is patiently waiting for the weekend to come, so she can go see her boyfriend.  She is devastated when he tells her that he is not the man for her and breaks up with her.  Will Genevieve be strong enough to deal with a secret she has kept from her boyfriend?

Jack is in college studying to become a lawyer.  But he soon discovers that he hates it and is not sure this is really wants to do.  Jack knows that the only way to survive this mess he is in is his beautiful girlfriend.  When Jack calls her house to talk to her about his problems, he instead gets an ear full from his future mother-in-law.  After the phone call he believes the best thing to do is let Genevieve go.  He is crushed when he tells her it is over.  But he thinks he is doing the right thing.  Will Jack discover too late just what a fool he was?  Or will deceit cause him to walk away forever?

IN LOVE WITH A LOST BOY is a story about a very young couple who is trying to discover where is their place in the world.  Ms. Brighton pens a heartfelt tale of  young love that is stressed by indecisions, drama and insecurity.  This tale flops back and forth between the characters and does not have your traditional fairy tale ending. In fact the ending just abruptly ends.  Genevieve’s character really grows throughout this story.  She becomes a young woman who makes some really tough decisions.  Jack’s character grows a little throughout the book.  IN LOVE WITH A LOST BOY took me back to my early 20’s when I really thought I knew what true love was and how things can change so quickly.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Billie Jo

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