In Nick's Arms

Author: Deb Curwen

Publisher: Publish America

Release Date: Available Now

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Caitlin Michaels meets Nick when she is singing at a club on the anniversary of her husband's death. She is drunk and impulsively waits for Nick at his room. But at the last moment, she realizes what she is doing and Nick lets her go. She is totally appalled at herself and is settling into her normal life of a good mom and a businesswoman, when Nick shows up as the new owner of an age-old farmhouse. The farmhouse that she's always dreamed of as her home. Even though, she feels embarrassed whenever she is around Nick, she cannot help but feel the attraction sparks between them. Can she get over previous hurts to embrace Nick and his love?

Nick Bentley is going to Lassiter to escape his work related stress and his ex-wife. When he stops over at a club for a night, he meets the lovely C.J. He is completely fascinated by her. He finds her to be an amazing mixture of sultriness and sadness. Yet, he lets her go when she changes her mind about wanting him even if he is disappointed. When he arrives at Lassiter, the last person he expects to see is C.J, handing over the keys of his newly bought farmhouse to him. Caitlin is a mother of two boys and Nick wonders why a person like her was at the nightclub that night. No way does that seem to decrease any of his fascination for her. But what is she hiding? Can they both find happiness when there is so much secrecy between them?

Deb Curwen spins a beautiful story of past hurts and how the main characters overcome them. IN NICK'S ARMS has a smoothly flowing storyline with the focus firmly on the main characters. The tumult and the perturbation that Cait and Nick face are stirring and strikingly real. But the secondary characters, especially Caitlin's kids Zack and Cody, shine too. The suspense and secrecy is the high point of the story. The curiosity is kept alive all through the tale. This is one soulful tale that can definitely touch your heart!

IN NICK'S ARMS is definitely where I would want to be if I were Caitlin.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dee Herga

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