In One Year and Out the Other
By Mattison
Feb 1, 2005 - 9:44:00 PM

Beth Kendrick


After Dan dumps his girlfriend and Erika unloads her boyfriend, Bill, the two dumpees wallow in their grief together, resulting in a junk food and movie marathon.  The miserable pair come up with a New Year's Resolution: The Bad Breakup Regime. The Bad Breakup Regime goes like this: Eat well, get in shape, get smarter, and make the exes sorry that they dumped you. The heroine and Bill intend to go the New Year's Eve party where their respective ex girlfriend and boyfriend will be and make them suffer.  Their plan turns out even better than they hoped.



Megan Hale is the Queen of Resolutions. She has decided to re-do her entire life by making endless lists of resolutions. For example: Resolution 43: Learn to be more comfortable with yourself (since most of your time is spent that way). However, the majority of her resolutions have to do with turning her personal life around. Soon though, she starts to realize that she might not need those resolutions to turn her life around, it's possible that she's already changed.


THE FUTURE OF SEX by Megan McAndrew

Agatha is ready for a baby. She doesn't feel the need for a permanent man in her life, but she does want a baby. Lucky for her, an old love crosses her path. Perhaps her dreams are about to come true, and she is about to get everything that she has wanted!



Jules is going through some tough times right now. She is ready for a lifetime commitment with her boyfriend, Tim, and she finds out that she needs to have some abnormal cells removed from her cervix. She really hates the gynecologist!


So, here she is on New Year's Eve, getting the cells removed and contemplating why she is feeling so disgruntled with her love life. She is ready for a husband and a family. What is wrong with her boyfriend? Why won't he propose?


Then she realizes that the answer to all of her problems might just be staring her in the face. An unconventional New Year's Eve spent with her unusual gynecologist helps her to find a new lease on life.


HALO, GOODBYE by Kathleen O'Reilly

Madeline Arbrewster is dead! And what could be worse than being dead? Spending your life helping other people be happy. She is responsible for getting living people together. That really is a miserable deal. Even worse, now she has to watch the man that she wanted to marry find a new love. She can't do it! She just can't! She has to stop it before it starts. He can't love another, because she still loves him. What happens when a dead woman decides that her living love doesn't need a new love? Hilarious mishaps and some realizations!


MIDNIGHT KISS by Eileen Rendahl

All Mikayla wants for New Year's Eve is a kiss. She sets out to find herself one at her friend Amanda's party. Her quest for a smooch leads her to embark on a journey of self-realization and new beginnings with endless possibilities.



Lily Cunningham's New Year's Resolution is to start the New Year like a guy. She is tired of running her household, taking care of her children, and her husband, while getting no appreciation or respect. So she decides to act more like a guy and make her husband take some more responsibility. It's a great idea and it might even get her what she wants!


EXPECTING A CALL by Diane Stingley

Rachel is stuck waiting for Todd to call. She invited him to a New Year's Eve party and he hasn't called yet. So here she is, doing what women have done for years, sitting by the phone waiting for him to call. Until she has a startling epiphany-an eye-opening epiphany that leads to change and new resolutions.

If you've ever wondered why that guy hasn't called or what he's thinking, this is an interesting tale that lets you in on a little secret and a different point of view.



Ruby can't believe it! When she wakes up on New Year's Day with a sexy, mysterious stranger in her bed, whose name she can't remember, she is shocked. How on Earth is she supposed to find out who her bed partner is? A hilarious phone conversation between friends and a glimpse at a magazine might help her out!


IN ONE YEAR AND OUT THE OTHER is a hilarious compilation of New Year's Eve stories. They are funny, sexy, serious and most of all, real. Each author tells a story that every female can relate to. Not to be missed, these tales are keepers. So, enjoy the New Year and settle down for a private party with this fabulous collection.


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