In Plain Sight
By Angel
Dec 6, 2006 - 4:51:00 PM

Samantha Taylor thought she had the perfect life, and then she found out that it was a living nightmare.  Determined to get away and start over, things go wrong when a push down the stairs kill her.  Now it seems she has been put into another woman’s body to bring down her killer.  In the process she meets the perfect man, but will he believe her when she tells him the truth.

Dara Kelly is a bounty hunter and while trying to catch her latest mark gets shot and killed.  Her spirit leaves her body and she finds herself the unwilling partner to the woman who has taken her body.  She has to watch Samantha take over her life and that includes her boyfriend Caution.  Together they must prove who killed her and why, but when it’s all said and done will Dara wind up losing everything she holds dear?


I thoroughly enjoyed this book and couldn’t put it down until the last page was done.  The triangle between Samantha, Dara and Caution is engrossing.  You find yourself pulled into the story and go through the emotional roller coaster with Dara and Samantha.  Through it all there is still the fact that Samantha’s killer is still on the loose which opens up a whole new aspect because it is all connected.  To tell anymore would ruin the story.  The love scenes are magnificent and full of erotic pleasure that never ends.  Gracie C. McKeever is an author who has gone to the top of my auto buy list and after reading this tale readers will understand why.

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