In The Arms Of Danger
By Angel
Jul 12, 2006 - 6:07:00 PM

Julie has no idea what to do when she gets stranded on the streets of Liverpool.  She hasn’t experienced the rough side of life and doesn’t know how to survive.  When she finds help in the form of Dicky, she’s thankful that she has someone to help her.  There is more to Dicky than meets the eye and there is that pesky attraction that sparks between them.

Dicky is from the streets and knows the score.  When he sees Julie he knows that she definitely isn’t from around his way.  She’s an easy target and there are people just waiting to take advantage of her.  She’s from America, and could be his way to a better life.  There’s just one thing, he’s attracted to her in a major way.  Should he sell her out for a chance at the good life or keep her safe?


This is a story readers can get into and love.  The harsh streets of England and an innocent woman who knows nothing about them, add to that one sexy street wise man that’s determined to save her from herself and you get one awesome story.  The love scenes are moving but have a passion that can’t be denied.  Madison Hayes knows how to combine amazing characters and an unusual plot to keep readers addicted to her writing.  I can’t wait to see what she comes up with for her next tale of adventure.

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