In Your Dreams
By Michele Rioli
Oct 25, 2014 - 10:52:45 PM

Love is supposed to make the world go around, right? Well, in Emmaline Neal’s case it stopped at the front door. The thing is, her ex-fiancé, emphasis on ex, broke her heart. They were going to get married, for pete’s sake! Emmaline thought he was the one, especially since both of them grew up being best friends and then fell in love. They were there for each other through life’s teenage difficulties and into adulthood. Now, Emmaline receives an invitation from her ex to attend his upcoming nuptials to the woman, a gruff exercise instructor, whom he loves now. Humph! Now, who can she get on short notice to go with her to a wedding that she really doesn’t want to attend?

Enter the white knight of Manningsport, New York, Jack Holland, hunk of burning love and the Good Samaritan of the town. Women love to be near him and to bask in his presence. Jack has baggage though, emotional and marital. First, he was married but is now divorced. His pretty, southern ex is back in town and driving him crazy with her antics! Secondly, after rescuing four boys from a car that went into a lake, he is deemed the town’s hero. They all survived, except one boy, who is in a coma in the hospital. Thus, he is the source of Jack’s emotional baggage along with the horror of rescuing all four boys on his own, plus playing homage to the hero status. Very overwhelming indeed!

Therefore, an idea came to fruition and then blossomed into an invite for Jack to escort Emmaline to her ex-fiancé’s wedding. Jack jumped at the chance to get out of Manningsport and fast, far away from his ex. Only they are supposed to go as friends. Do they wind up doing the sheet tango? Will Emmaline, a beautiful, curvy, hardnosed cop, let down her barriers enough to risk her heart? Stay tuned for love, laughs, lap dances and more!

IN YOUR DREAMS is a funny, fast-moving, densely-plotted romantic comedy caper. The dialogue is snappy and refreshing, which moves the story along at a rattling pace. When a beautiful cop, Emmaline Neal, needs a date to attend her ex-fiancé’s wedding, the town hero, Jack Holland, says yes to Emmaline and they make like a tree and leave. Family issues and insecurities hinder both Jack and Emmaline as they struggle with romantic interludes.  Intrigue, seduction, empowerment, compassion and spunk make up this highly entertaining read. I fell in love with Emmaline’s dog and the gossipy small-town life, which simply adds to the book’s appeal. Fans will love this new installment in the widely popular BLUE HERON series. IN YOUR DREAMS is exceptionally clever, amusing and twisty. A jaunty affair!

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