Men of Smithfield, Book 4 - In and Out

Author: LB Gregg

Publisher: Aspen Mountain Press

Release Date: May 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: Ebook

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Holden Worthington is a former television superstar who was once a very successful reality show travel explorer. Holden now hides away in his home because he suffers from agoraphobia. This condition came on because of a scandal where his former lover ousted him on television as an author of steamy gay novels. Now Holden spends his days drinking away his sorrows, lamenting on his less than thrilling life and ogling his new lawn boy, Adam Morgan. Adam is a strapping twenty-four-year-old who Holden wouldn't mind having his wicked way with. But Holden knows nothing can happen between them because he is sixteen years older than Adam and feels he's less than ideal.

Holden is in for a big surprise when Adam finds a body behind his shed. Now, not only does Holden have to deal with his brother, Porter, who comes for a visit to hide away from his soon-to-be ex-wife, but the local priest thinks he needs to save Holden's soul because of his sexuality. The media has camped out on his front lawn, salivating for any dirty gossip because the body may be John Paige, the one who unmasked him.


When Holden finds out that John is alive, he thinks everything can go back to the way things were. His neighbors and friends keep butting their noses in his business, including a living and breathing John, who wants to make amends. Holden can barely keep it together because his every waking thought is for his younger hired hand. Adam is there to protect Holden, but Holden has incredible guilt because he wants Adam badly. And when Adam admits his feelings for Holden, these two act on their desires, but of a more tentative nature, because Adam has never been with a man before. Holden welcomes Adam, but with some reservations because he thinks they can't be permanent due to their age difference and the fact that the town of Smithfield seems to be watching every move Holden makes. Both Holden and Adam slowly form a bond, as well as try to figure out if Holden was framed for the murder.


IN AND OUT is the forth and final book in LB Gregg's, MEN OF SMITHFIELD series. Gregg can sure combine a great small town feel, along with characters who stay with you long after you finish reading. Holden Worthington first comes across as a sad alcoholic who feels he has lost everything he has worked so hard for. When Adam enters into his life, he feels rejuvenated and is overcome with need for this younger man who treats him with respect and gratitude.


The subject matter and issues in IN AND OUT may seem heavy with Holden's agoraphobia, Adam's reputation that has been blown way out of proportion, and the angst that surrounds Holden because he feels so lonely and thinks a young man like Adam would never want to be with an old, washed out former celebrity. But Gregg injects incredible wit and laughs, especially from Holden's point of view about himself and how he feels for his younger lover.


The mystery and secondary characters who pop up really bring great interactions with Holden. The love scenes between Holden and Adam are very well written with a nice combination of sweetness and sensuality.


I can say with utmost certainty that LB Gregg continues to get better with every book she writes, and IN AND OUT is no exception. This is one well written, thought out book that really connected with me and shows perfectly how two different types of men can be so perfect for one another.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Katie

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