The Hardcastle Progeny Series; Book 2 – In the Argentine’s Bed

Author: Jennifer Lewis

Publisher: Silhouette Desire

Release Date: March 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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Susanna Clarke is used to traveling all over the world for Hardcastle Enterprises sourcing wines.  However, her latest assignment has nothing to do with wines at all, her employer, Tarrant Hardcastle, is dying and he believes that Amado Alvarez is one of his children.  Susanna’s duty is to get a DNA sample so he has irrefutable proof one way or the other.    

Amado Alvarez has taken his father’s land and turned it into a thriving vineyard.  The Tierra de Oro has been in the Alvarez family for several generations and it’s a source of great pride to Amado.  Susanna’s appearance and startling news comes as a shock especially since his mother and father are present in his life and as far as he knows his mother has never been to the United States.


Susanna doesn’t quite understand what’s going on but it appears that Tarrant’s researches may be incorrect about Amado being his son.  Still, she’s come all this way to get a DNA sample and she fully intends to do so.  In the meantime, it’s obvious that Amado’s vineyard and wines are first rate and would be an asset to Hardcastle Enterprises so she talks a little business while trying to put Amado at ease and convince him to go through with the DNA test.  Amado has other ideas.  In exchange for his DNA – just to prove that he isn’t Tarrant’s son – he expects Susanna to spend the night in his bed.  Susanna has heard all about the seductive persuasion of Argentine men and it looks like Amado has the technique down to an art form – and there’s no denying that he is irresistible.  Spending the evening making love with him definitely wouldn’t be a hardship but she wouldn’t do that simply to acquire a DNA sample for her employer.   


When all’s said and done and Susanna and Amado part ways there’s a definite misunderstanding between them but she figures she’ll never see him again – until she learns the results of the testing.  It turns out that Amado is Tarrant’s illegitimate son!  This isn’t exactly the news she was hoping for.  Amado’s whole life has been based on a lie and his tight knit family could be destroyed because one old man suddenly wants to know the children he refused to acknowledge before now.  Now Susanna finds herself thrust into the fire and expected to bring Amado to the bosom of a family he’s never known and doesn’t want to know.  What about the mother and father he already knows and loves?  Susanna understands the pain that Amado’s going through but nothing she can say can fix the situation for him.  Will he ever forgive her for interfering in his life?  One thing’s for certain, he intends to keep her at his side as long as possible, he just doesn’t realize why he’s so obsessed with her yet?


IN THE ARGENTINE’S BED is the second story in Jennifer Lewis’s HARDCASTLE PROGENY series.  Amado and Susanna’s tale is captivating from beginning to end and infused with humor and emotional moments.  Susanna’s life as a missionary’s daughter has dictated the way she lives – constantly on the go, never putting down roots.  Amado’s roots are buried deep and nothing can ever change that.  Their differences make them an interesting couple to get to know.  As for Tarrant, well, you’d think it would be difficult to feel sorry for him, you reap what you sow and all that, but I still couldn’t help but like him.  It’s his wife, Samantha, who’s really drawn my attention and I’m very interested in finding out more about her story. 

Fortunately we won’t have to wait long for the next story in the HARDCASTLE PROGENCY series.  The next book, THE HEIR’S SCANDALOUS AFFAIR, is due to be released in April – and yes, it will be Samantha’s story.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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