In the Shiek's Arms
By Gloria Trout
Jul 20, 2003 - 9:07:00 PM

Cami Ellison was still a child when the event occurred that would later radically change her life. She didn’t know that the man, Sheikh Rayhan ibn-Malik, the fourth son of the ruler of the African country, Adnam, was planning to use her to gain revenge on her father. It seems that her father, Charles Ellison, had pulled a fast one on Ray. Charles failed to tell Ray that the oil rights for the land that Ray purchased from him belonged to his young daughter, Cami.

Biding his time, Ray waited years for Cami to grow up. At that point, he courts Cami and they begin a torrid romance. Ray is determined to marry Cami to obtain the oil rights so he can return to his country and prove himself powerful and wealthy in order to hold a position in the family-run government. Cami falls in love with Ray, and when he suggests getting married secretly, she is delighted. But after getting married, when they tell Charles Ellison the news, Cami is shocked to learn the reason that Ray wanted to marry her.  


Will Ray’s lust for revenge be overcome by the love for Cami that has found its way into his heart? Can Cami forgive him for his deception? The end builds up to a climax that leaves readers wanting more. 


The author did a fine job of describing Cami’s conflicting emotions, her father’s regrets of the past and the warring emotions that Ray experiences. In THE SHEIKH’S ARMS is an engrossing novel and I recommend it to all.

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