Incognito, Book 11 - Taming Tara
By Chrissy Dionne
Apr 1, 2009 - 6:33:58 AM

Tara Knight has spent seven long months searching for the dominating Marine who rocked her world New Year’s Eve and left her at the stroke of midnight – all to no avail.  Ready to get on with her life and hopefully forget about the man she thought might have been ‘the one’ she returns to the newly rebuilt Incognito.  Here she’ll reconnect with friends and continue her search for the perfect Dom – one who’ll want, own, possess and love her.

Sean Lassiter, Incognito’s mysteriously sexy Master Enigma, has specific requirements for the submissive woman he dreams of possessing.  For months his fantasies included the woman he’d met New Year’s Eve but he’d been unable to locate her after returning from his final tour in Iraq.  He never expected her to show up at Incognito or fall so beautifully into his hands.  That she’s unaware of his identity is a big plus since he can now test her and find out if she’s truly willing to be the submissive slave he desires.


After hearing Tara’s tale about her Marine and how she’d searched for him without any success, her friend Connie suggests that she give Master Enigma a try.  He’s a new addition to Incognito and an extremely popular one at that, and Connie thinks he might be just what Tara needs to get over Mr. Vanishing Act.  Little does she know that Master Enigma and Tara’s missing Marine are one and the same.  Since Master Enigma is covered from head to toe Tara doesn’t recognize him but he certainly remembers her and vows to put her through her paces without her finding out his true identity – just to find out if they’re right for each other or not. 

Tara’s blissfully unaware that anything out of the ordinary is even happening until she arrives at work after lunch and finds a gift and a rose left on her desk.   A mystery man who had seen her at Incognito is sending her gifts with explicit instructions.  Caution wars with curiosity and Tara decides to go with her instincts and do as instructed.  She dreams of a Master who will demand her complete subjugation and in return gift her with her fondest desire - being owned, controlled and loved.  It’ll take a special man to make her feel safe enough to trust him with her well being and happiness; can Sean pull it off without giving away his identity? After all, she only knows him as Master.


After reading STROKE OF MIDNIGHT I was very anxious to see this couple reunited, revisit INCOGNITO and all the characters I already adore so of course I had to race right over and pick up a copy of TAMING TARA as soon as it was released.  Like all the stories of the INCOGNITO series, TAMING TARA is masterfully written with strong characters and quite an emotional impact.  Tara is a bit of an enigma.  What she truly wants seems to be in direct conflict with how she behaves so it’s very interesting and a testament to Sean’s insight that he’s able to tame her.


Even though this is the eleventh book in the INCOGNITO series it’s really not necessary to read the others first – though they certainly do build on each other.  One of the things that I do admire about this story is before even beginning to read the authors had the foresight to make a note about BDSM and how important it is to remember the motto: Safe, Sane and Consensual.,


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