Incognito: Conquering Connie
By Chrissy Dionne
Jan 14, 2008 - 2:57:08 AM

Connie Monroe works as an emergency room nurse which leaves her strung tight and craving the release she finds in being dominated.   Fortunately there’s always someone willing to satisfy her at Club Incognito, but when a Dom dies while she’s restrained she suffers guilt and angst.   Unwilling to risk being helpless in an emergency again she pulls back from her friends and the club.

Tyrone Allen has admired Connie from his position behind the bar at Incognito, but he’s never had the opportunity to act on his feelings.   His cousin, Alex, is the club’s security specialist.   He’s just as aware of Connie but rarely gets to interact with her because his job keeps him behind the scenes.   They’re both enamored of the club stray (Connie) and aware of the impact Master Randy’s death has had on her and are determined to prove to her that she isn’t responsible for what happened.


Connie’s angst over Master Randy’s death stems from the fact that she was restrained and unable to help him.   As a nurse she feels as if she failed him.   It takes three weeks before she returns to Incognito but the changes to her personality and depression are evident.   She isn’t even showing any interest in any of the Doms who proposition her.  


Tyrone devises a plan to help Connie deal with her grief and still enjoy the freedom she experiences in her submission.   She enjoys being restrained but in doing so puts herself in the position of not being able to help should something happen to her Dom.   Tyrone’s plan includes Alex; if there are two Doms then she’ll have the knowledge that should something happen she won’t be alone.   Now all they have to do is convince her to give them a chance.   Not an easy task when she opts for avoidance but neither man is easily thwarted and if she won’t come to them, then they have no qualms about going to her.


Madison Layle and Anna Leigh Keaton give readers a thrill with CONQUERING CONNIE, the latest addition to their INCOGNITO series.   I might as well warn you now, this story packs an emotional wallop as you ‘watch’ Connie go from playful and teasing to depressed and unsure of herself.   Tyrone and Alex are strong, determined men who know what they want and aren’t afraid to go the extra mile to ensure Connie’s happiness and well being.   I love the emotional connection between the characters that was present even before Master Randy’s death, but afterwards, it’s positively intense.  


As with all the books in this series, CONQUERING CONNIE leaves you hungering for the next addition to this series.   The ending is dramatic to say the least and there’s a new addition to the patrons of the club (even if she is sneaking around) who could definitely use a good spanking.   I’ll definitely be watching for more INCOGNITO books to be released.

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