Incognito: Stroke of Midnight
By Chrissy Dionne
Dec 3, 2008 - 8:09:13 PM

As a thirty-eight year old Marine commander due to deploy for his third tour to the Middle East he’s in no hurry to return to base to spend New Year’s Eve alone.  Instead he’s sitting in a club drinking a club soda and watching the festivities go on around him.  He doesn’t have much time before he has to go but he’s pleasantly surprised when he’s approached by a woman who’s more than willing to help ring in the New Year right.

Tara is on the prowl and really only looking for a good time but something about the quiet controlled Marine really trips her switch.  She thoroughly enjoys tempting and teasing but is immensely disappointed when he informs her that he can’t play tonight.  Her comment that ‘he could have command of her any day’ pushes him past his own control.


If he’d been at the fetish club Incognito then taking Tara up on her offer wouldn’t have even been an issue but with a tight time limit, he’s got seventeen minutes before he has to leave.  Is that enough time to bring her to sexual satisfaction three times before the stroke of midnight?  He’s determined to find out.


Madison Layle and Anna Leigh Keaton gift readers with a little teaser INCOGNITO story to whet our appetites for more.  I’ve developed a real fondness for this series and anxiously await each new addition so when I saw STROKE OF MIDNIGHT for sale I grabbed a copy right away.  Ms. Layle and Ms. Keaton tell this story in such a way that you become enamored of these characters and want to know more about them.  I’m now anxiously waiting the rest of the next book in this series – TAMING TARA, which will continue the tale begun here.,

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