Incredible Dreams

Author: Sandra Edwards

Publisher: CreateSpace

Release Date: September 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5


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Izzy Miller, a ghost whisperer, had been hired by the U.S. Air Force to rid the hangar of a spirit, one that had been there many years. The military knew who the spirit was but no one had been able to remove him from the hangar. They had offered her a big bonus if she could clear the hangar by the end of the month, but it was the challenge that motivated Izzy, not the money. Her escort, Lt. Harry Stark, was very skeptical about her profession…that is until the sprites dive bombing him made a believer out of him. He left the building immediately, leaving Izzy on her own to do what she had to do. As she wandered the hangar, she became fascinated with a picture hanging on the wall that almost seemed to come to life. As she went to remove the picture from the wall, she felt a powerful force and knew she had found the identity of her spirit. This one was more powerful than any she had encountered and she had been doing this for a while. All the branches of the military had been using her services for nearly five years now. As a ghost therapist, Izzy removed ghosts and apparitions, convincing spirits to cross over. This spirit seemed so lonely and lost, she could actually feel what he was feeling. She actually ached for the man, never had her strength of character been drained like this. Her talent for ghost whispering had been with her since childhood, but never had she been so captivated and consumed by a spirit. Izzy lost her parents when she was young, leaving her with a trust issue, rationalizing that if she didn’t love, it couldn’t hurt when they left, so she has no love life.

Captain Jack Baker, a flier in World War II, has been haunting the hangar for many years now. He has no idea how he died and wants to get his memories back. His records - in fact, his whole life - was contained in three boxes, which the military had left sitting on the desk for the ghost whisperer to peruse. He was eager to get a look at them himself. Jack knew she was there to remove him from the hangar and move him on to the supernatural realm, but he was just as determined not to go. Other so called psychics had tried and failed over the years. Her scent attracted him and worse, she made him feel again.

When Jack disappeared, she decided to take a nap until he returned. Thinking of him, desire sparked to life and she realized that unlike any time before, she had never had a spirit lay carnal claim to her soul, as she did not even think of him as a spirit. Though she did not want him to consume her, he did. Just his photo elicited more sensual feelings than any living being ever had. The last thing she remembered before she fell asleep was Jack’s smiling face. Then suddenly she was back in the past, but she had no memory of anything but her name, though Jack did seem familiar. She still had her ability to see ghosts, but she was no longer as accepting of her talent. Additionally, there was a demonic force posing as her sister, who wanted to steal her soul. Will she be able to save herself? By going into the past, can she prevent his death from happening? Born in two different time periods, do they stand a chance at a future together?

Delightfully entertaining, INCREDIBLE DREAMS is a witty, sensual historical romance that readers will want to read more than once. Wonderfully infused with engaging characters, steamy hot sensual scenes, an intriguing time travel plot, surprising plot twists and an extremely romantic storyline, this is a delightful read that will keep you guessing as author Sandra Edwards does an astounding job finding solutions to this couple’s seemingly impossible dilemma. Ms. Edwards’ beautiful imagery brings the story to life in another place and time right before your eyes. I highly recommend INCREDIBLE DREAMS. Do not miss this amazing story! This is the first story I have read by this talented author, but I look forward to reading more of her works.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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