Ineligible Bachelor
By Dottie
Feb 12, 2013 - 11:23:32 AM

From the time she was twelve-years-old and moved in next door to Logan, Frederika ‘Freddy’ McAllister has had a crush on him. But, despite her attempts to gain his attention, he has only seen her as more of a sister than a romantic interest. Now that they are grown, she wants to be called Rikka, but he insists on calling her Freddy still. Lately, he has been talking about settling down and has started attending the gathering of their friends less and less, so she knows she has to do something drastic to get him to notice her interest in him. So she takes a picture of him without his knowledge, a picture which makes him appear nude due to the angle of the shot. She then secretly enters him into Elan Magazine's Most Eligible Bachelor of the Year Contest, figuring he will lose and she can console him while her interest in him will become evident. However, the unthinkable happens when she is notified that he has won. Now she has to get to him, before the camera crew arrives, to break the news that he will be spending the next six weeks in a mansion with six beautiful women for the reality show Ineligible Bachelor. To make matters worse, the fine print, which she had failed to read, stipulates that she must go on the show with him and select the woman of his dreams. Each week, one of the women will be eliminated until they are down to the one woman he will take on a ten day cruise. In the meantime, it will be Freddy’s job to select which women will be eliminated and which ones Logan will take out on a date.

Logan Gabriel has known Freddy since they were children and considers her a friend, more like the sister he never had. She has even helped him select gifts for his girlfriends in the past. In his field of advertising, he is up for a partnership and has been courting a very important account. So the news that he must take the time off to go on a reality show is not welcome. However, his boss seems ecstatic at this news, seeing an opportunity for advertising for their company. Also Logan knows he cannot let Freddy downas she has always been there for him.

On their first night at the estate, the power is blown, causing the lights to go out. As they are cast in an intimate setting, Logan begins to see Freddy in a whole different light. But Freddy fears that this new attention she is receiving from Logan is due to the ambience of their situation and will end with the show, which is something she could not bear. In the meantime, the show must go on, but how can she select one of these women to spend ten days alone with the man she loves?  Can she convince him that the girl of his dreams has been right under his nose all along, or is she doomed to heartache?

A timely tale, INELIGIBLE BACHELOR, penned by talented author Kathryn Quick, is a humorous, sassy contemporary romance that is sure to capture your attention from the very beginning. Having failed to read the fine print when she entered the contest, Freddy finds herself a victim of her own impulsive actions. Now she has to keep Logan out of the arms of the bachelorettes while she convinces him that she is the woman of his dreams. Although she longs to get them out of the contract, she finds that she has backed them into a corner with no way out. I could not help rooting for them as they fluctuate between their desire for each other and their concern that the show is having an effect on their feelings. Packed with emotion, humor, passion, interesting characters, clever repartee, a reality show, romance and true love, this story is an absolute delight. In fact, I hated to see it end. A wonderful afternoon’s escape, I highly recommend INELIGIBLE BACHELOR and look forward to reading more by this very gifted author. Do not miss it!

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