Author: Suzanne Brockmann

Publisher: Ballantiine Books

Release Date: July 27, 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5

Format: PRINT

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Many movies, books and even dime store novels have been made of Marshal Silas Quinn and the infamous gunfight at the Red Rock Saloon. In all of these, Quinn is represented as an honorable, well-educated hero. In reality, he had never bothered to read and cursing was more his style. According to legend, Quinn had ridden into Jubilation, Arizona, eager to send for his beautiful wife, Melody. So eager that he sent for her too soon and the Kelly gang arrived at the same time. Outgunned seven to his one, he went up against the outlaws, but two escaped. One of them was Jamie ‘the Kid’ Gallagher, who, in retribution, had kidnapped Melody, leaving town with her and the proceeds of the local bank. Quinn had gone after them, but he arrived too late. His beloved Melody was dead. Enraged, he killed the kid. Though Quinn later married a woman named Agatha, Melody remained his one true love and his last words were of her.

Alison Carter, a history professor at Boston College as well as the author of the latest book on the shoot-out at the Red Rock Saloon, is the historical consultant on the new Silas Quinn film. She has spent the last decade studying about Quinn and she is determined to make the film as realistic and close to the truth as possible.

AJ Gallagher, the grandson of Jamie ‘Kid’ Gallagher, has read Alison’s book. He had been raised around his grandfather, who died when AJ was ten years old. He does not go anywhere, just stays at home, making furniture. His mother, Rose, is concerned about him as he suffers from PTDS and was an alcoholic, though he has it under control now. She has even tried to get him to use a cell phone so she can keep in touch with him, but he wants no part of it. Two weeks ago, his grandfather’s ghost appeared to him and has been following him around ever since. He wants AJ to confront Alison and set her straight about what really happened at the Red Rock Saloon, as her book is filled with lies. Instead of being killed by Quinn, Jamie lived to be one hundred and one and Quinn was actually a wife beater rather than the hero Alison makes him out to be. Jamie also has another reason for sending AJ on this mission; he wants AJ to get out of the house and meet people.

When Alison first meets AJ, she believes he is the actor playing Jamie’s part and is thrilled about how much he resembles the villain. Though he lets her go on talking, still under this misapprehension, he finally tells her who he really is. He also lets her know that her book is not true. However, she does not believe him, despite her attraction to him, and asks for proof. Looking for something to do to stay close by, he talks to her about employment on the film and gets a job as an extra. As sparks fly, their attraction soon becomes heated, but what will happen when she discovers he sees his grandfather’s ghost? Realizing that Alison’s life is in danger, AJ gets his grandfather to help watch over her.

INFAMOUS is an interesting contemporary read with a touch of the paranormal. I was a bit confused at first when the author presents the ghost in a first person read and then switches to a third person read for the heroine, but I soon overcame that. The back story was truly interesting and a good premise on which to base the rest of the book. I enjoyed Alison’s character in the beginning, though she later becomes a more indecisive individual, especially when AJ turns out to be not at all the flawless man she thought he was. Jamie is really the star in this story, as he assists AJ in many ways throughout the story and is usually in the midst of the action. Overall, INFAMOUS is a good read.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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