Inferno - Double Dare
By Suzie Housley
Jan 17, 2010 - 2:42:35 PM

She has always projected herself as a strong woman.  As a professional sex therapist she knew that she had to appear in control with her clients.  Away from the office she was quite the opposite. Her inner desires were centered around the erotic.


Inferno was a private club where she lived out her fantasies.  Once a month she would meet two Doms, Jeff and Steve.  They had a way to send her body over the edge.  She enjoyed the submissive role she assumed whenever they met.

Jeff and Steve were determined to take their relationship to the next level.  Would she be willing to agree to see them outside the safety of the club?  If she refused, would it be the end to their relationship?

Anna Leigh Keaton’s writing is very addictive.  Once you read one of her books you automatically become an instant fan.  INFERNO – DOUBLE DARE is another fine example of a sizzling romance that you will enjoy getting lost in for a few hours.  I can hardly wait for this author to publish her next book!



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