Inherited:One Baby!
By Jennifer Wardrip
Jun 13, 2003 - 10:28:00 AM

Jake Peterson, jet-setting bachelor, CEO of a sports-store empire, front page headliner of the local Palm Beach gossip rags, was now a father.  He'd promised to do right by Bonnie, orphaned when her parents were killed in a car accident.

And amazingly enough, this good-looking, hardheaded millionaire was getting pretty darn good at, if he did say so himself.  Diaper-changing, bottle-feeding, naptimes and playtimes...he could do this, and he could do it quite well. 

J ake and Bonnie were a family, and nothing could change that.  Except for maybe Elizabeth Mannford, Bonnie's long-lost great aunt, who suddenly decides that she's the right one to take care of the baby.  What's a guy to do?  According to his lawyer, and the lady at Family Services, there's only one thing to do...Find a wife, and fast.

Candy Jacobs wasn't cut out to be a mother.  Uh-uh, no way, no how, thank you very much but she'd wait for the next bus.  And as for marriage?  Well, she'd tried that once.  Not just tried it, but tried it with Jake.  So he was still the only man who got her heart racing and her spine tingling?  Too bad.  Because Jake was now a package deal; he came attached with a baby.  And all that excess baggage from their past was nothing when compared with a cute little baby with wriggling fingers and a bright, sappy grin.  Candy's business was her life, and regardless of what Jake thought, motherhood was not in her plans.  Never had been, never would be.

Ms. Altom has once again outdone herself.  "Inherited:One Baby!" is a quick read, sure to put both a smile on your face and a tug on your heartstrings.  Because this book isn't just about coming to grips with your past, but about overcoming your fears and giving yourself a chance to look towards the future.  Answers don't always come easy; change sometimes takes a lot of work. 

You'll love reading Jake's and Candy's story, from their past to the present, with all of the twists and turns, and delightful infants, in-between.


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