Ink Lust

Author: Jayne Kingston

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: July 25, 2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Leni Brewster has a strict policy she follows to the letter, “you don’t do your ex’s friends or your friends’ exes,” but when it comes to tattoo artist Jamie she’s finding it very difficult to adhere to her own rules.  When her twin sister has to bail on holding her hand while she has her tattoo done Leni finds herself alone with Jamie for several hours – and those hours are spent in a heightened state of lust compounded by the intense knowledge that no one has ever made her feel the way he does.

Tattoo artist Jamie Rodriguez isn’t as off limits as Leni believes him to be.  He’s been single for several months and has never considered Leni’s ex-boyfriend, Aaron, to be a friend, more of an acquaintance he tolerates.  Jamie’s been lusting after Leni since he met her but he’s always considered her to be too good for him.  She’s got that super smart librarian thing going on – and Jamie finds the combination of intelligence and beauty undeniably sexy. 


Leni and her sister, Jo, are having identical tattoos done in honor of their mother and the bond the three of them share.  Jamie’s already done Jo’s tattoo of a trio of tiger lilies; he just never imagined that performing this same service for Leni would lead to such stunning revelations – and an unforgettable evening.  For Leni, the shock comes when Jamie admits he wants marriage and children, she wants the same things, but sometimes wanting just isn’t enough.


Jayne Kingston’s INK LUST is smolderingly hot from the first page and just seems to spontaneously combust the longer you read.  The verbal sparring between Leni and Jamie is a fun introduction into this storyline that quickly transitions into a playful yet sizzling romance that will keep readers eagerly devouring every word.  While I admit to finding tattoos sexy, I also understand that they have deep meanings to the people brave enough to have their message permanently etched on their skin.   INK LUST looks beyond the ink to the people beneath and allows readers to see Leni and Jamie as just that – people with all the hopes, dreams, disappointments and desires as anyone else.  I absolutely love how Ms. Kingston brings these characters together and manages to add an element of surprise as different aspects of their lives are revealed.  INK LUST is a wonderful read that I’d highly recommend.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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