Last Chance, book 7 - Inn at Last Chance
By Dottie
Apr 30, 2014 - 11:35:12 AM

Jenny Carpenter recently purchased The Jonquil House at a very low price. The place is named after the flowers around it, but the house itself has been badly neglected. It is virtually deserted. No one has lived in it for a long time. She finished the renovations and is awaiting the arrival of her furniture, which is being delayed by the bad weather. At any rate, she will not be opening the bed and breakfast until the beginning of March. After being hurt by a man whom she thought loved her and then finding out that he was married, she has wrapped her love around the house. During a bad storm, she decides to spend the night only to hear a knock on the door. A man claiming to be Gabe Raintree, the former owner, is there and demands that she rent him a room.

Gabe Raintree is a famous author who has lost his muse. He figures that by returning to the home he grew up in, he will be left alone by his fans and will find the inspiration he needs. When he is turned away, he determines to buy the house, but Jenny refuses to sell. However, when the local library talks Jenny into asking him to do a lecture to help keep the library open, she offers to let Gabe stay at the Jonquil House rent free until she opens. However, Gabe is haunted by his brother’s death years earlier and cannot remember exactly what happened.

As Gabe stays at Jonquil House, he and Jenny are haunted by a ghost. Then incidents begin happening, but when Jenny suffers a mishap, it is time to look for a more corporeal villain. Can Gabe protect her? Both Jenny and Gabe have closely guarded secrets, but neither can deny their feelings for each other. But will their love for each other survive after the secrets are revealed?

A memorable tale, INN AT LAST CHANCE, the seventh novel in author Hope Ramsay’s LAST CHANCE series, is an evocative, intriguing, contemporary romance. Readers will be kept guessing about the villain in this story as well as to what the ghost hopes to accomplish with his actions, although it is perceived that it has something to do with the death of Gabe’s brother. Although I have read nearly all of the LAST CHANCE stories, this one may be my favorite.

Packed with memories, secrets, passion, ghosts, engaging characters, clever dialogue, danger and love, this haunting story is one that readers will find hard to put down. Whether you have read any of the books in this series or not, I recommend that you pick up a copy of INN AT LAST CHANCE today. It can be read as a standalone, but be warned; once you read it, I am sure you will seek out the rest of this delightful series!

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