Teamwork - Inside Man

Author: Caitlyn Willows

Publisher: Amber Quill

Release Date: February 25, 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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FBI agent Allie Quinn is long overdue for a vacation and had arranged to go on a two-week Hawaiian vacation. Rather than packing for her trip, she’s being briefed on yet another assignment. All she has to do is meet with fellow agent Gordie on a train and bring back the flash drive he slips her. It should be simple enough, but in their line of work ‘simple’ always turns out to be far more complicated than they anticipate.

Matt Oliver is also an FBI agent but he’s deep undercover and Allie has no description or anything to go by. She’s simply told that he’ll contact her if it becomes necessary. Allie decides to visit the lounge in the hopes that Gordie will be there. He’s there, but so is Sumner (the man they’re working so hard to bust) and all his cronies. She’ll have to think up a way to get Gordie to come to her without raising suspicions - flirtation will do nicely. Revealing a little cleavage and making herself appear available works better than she’d hoped. Only the man that approaches her isn’t Gordie.

The man who approaches her is clearly one of Sumner’s thugs but that doesn’t stop her from instantly desiring him. Teo, as the other’s call him, is six feet of pure raw male who is definitely not the sort of man you’d take home to mom and dad but that isn’t going to stop a girl from taking a walk on the wild side with a gorgeous bad boy - it sure isn’t going to keep Allie from giving in to her womanly needs and experiencing a little exhibitionism.

Oh my! INSIDE MAN is one hot little story that readers are going to want to be sure to keep handy for whenever you’re in a more risque mood. Caitlyn Willows incorporates scorching sex scenes and a bit of suspense with fascinating characters whom you’ll almost envy in this short story which contains all the aspects I love in a full length story. I really got into the exhibition scenes on the train and definitely felt a little hot and bothered by them. I found some scenes shockingly intense and others I had to laugh at, but the whole story comes together in a titillating finale that I absolutely loved! Beautifully done Ms. Willows!


INSIDE MAN is one of the five stories that make up the TRACK 13 Amberpax collection. Each story centers around a train trip and the unexpected surprises that travelers experience which just may change their lives. It's also the first book in Ms. Willows TEAMWORK SERIES - so if you enjoy this one be sure to watch for the others.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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