Instant Gratification
By Sarah W
Jul 1, 2009 - 9:23:11 PM

Dr. Emma Sinclair is spending her summer in Wishful, California, helping her father while he recovers from a minor heart attack. Her skills are definitely in question however to the residents of Wishful who seem hesitant to come to her for something as minor as a bee sting, let alone something truly scary like a broken bone or worse. Emma is sucking it up as best she can, but she wants to go back to New York City, the world she knows and is comfortable with. There is one man who is not afraid to be treated by Emma; in fact, he would love to get her hands on him any way he can.

Stone Wilder has been attracted to Emma since the first time he set eyes on her. She does not seem to feel the same way however. But when an accident throws Stone in her path for some direct healing, well, he is able to put his charm to good use. Emma needs to learn to live a little and Stone is just the man to show her how. After all, the Sierras offer a world of beauty and adventure that Emma has yet to appreciate. As they begin their adventures, the simmering attraction between them grows and grows into a sinful love affair. But Emma still plans to leave. Where will that leave Stone? Broken-hearted and alone, again?

Jill Shalvis has a winner on her hands again. The romance between Stone and Emma is strong and exhilarating as they slowly start to get to know each other. Emma has no desire to give up control in her life. She has been hurt by love too often in her past, first from her father and then her mother. She has had to rely on herself. Stone wants to break that cycle but will she let him?

The character development in this story is first rate. Emma has to confront her feelings about the father who has been absent from her life, just as she has to learn the truth about what part he played in her past. The emotions run strong and tight in this story but Emma finally faces up to her past, and to her present with Stone.

Stone is sexy, funny, and sweet. But there is more to him than meets the eye. Emma has to let go of some of her stereotypes to see below his surface but what she discovers, she likes, perhaps too much which scares her. Stone is open and honest. He wants Emma and is starting to care deeply for her. But he also has to confront some of his own thoughts about his future and he does so with maturity and grace.

INSTANT GRATIFICATION is an intelligent and lovely romance. Jill Shalvis uses every page with intention and gives her characters depth and dimension. This is the definition of page-turner!

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