Instructing Sarah
By Nickie Langdon
Jul 25, 2007 - 4:56:20 PM

Greg Stiles has had a deep craving for his neighbor for years now but he’s never taken the final step that’ll begin something more than a passing acquaintances.

Sarah Templeton is twenty-five and still a virgin. She’s dated but no one’s caught her eye. She has a thing for her neighbor but he only speaks in passing. What’s a girl to do?


Greg is watching Sarah as she crouches down in her flower bed. His friend Cody is teasing him about all the watching and no touching. And then he notices that Greg has competition. He points out the new guy who’s apparently pretending to read the newspaper but watching Sarah. He doesn’t have a choice if he wants Sarah for himself. Greg leaves his condo and walks to where Sarah’s working in her garden.


She’s reminiscing about her father and pulls up a flower rather than a weed. When she curses, a voice startles her and she stumbles headlong into her patch of daffodils. Greg offers her his hand to help her get up. When she stands, she stumbles and lands against his chest. They’re momentarily lost in thought when they’re interrupted by the new guy. Introductions are made but Greg isn’t happy about it.


He interrupts the conversation between the new guy and Sarah to ask her out to dinner. He’s determined that the new guy will have no part of the woman he’s silently claimed for himself.


Anne Rainey has written a fast paced and interesting story of new love and the heartaches that can accompany it. INSTRUCTING SARAH is a loving journey that takes a couple from that first tender coming together to something much, much more. Emotions run high and miscommunications are inevitable. It’s the making up that’s the best.


I enjoyed watching the worldly man take on the role of tender lover to a woman who has never been there before. He’s a very patient lover, a man every woman wants whether she’s new at love or not.


INSTRUCTING SARAH is a must read and a keeper.

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