Internet Bonds #4: Memphis Bell

Author: Christy Poff

Publisher: Whiskey Creek Torrid

Release Date: April 1, 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Following the death of her husband, Navy SEAL Greg Chamberlain, Belle immersed herself in her singing career. For seven years, Belle has remained faithful to her husband's memory, but her physical needs are not being met. Aware that Greg would have wanted her to get on with her life, Belle makes the decision to try cyber-sex to satisfy her longings but it's not enough. She desires a man's touch and no cyber man can love her as she needs to be loved.

Jasper Constantine is a tormented man. Despite his financial and business successes, he's never found a woman who satisfies his sexual needs. Jasper needs a submissive woman who can also dominant him. Every woman he's dated has left him when she discovered his sexual preferences. Not being able to stand the risk of another rejection, Jasper has resorted to visits to a Dominant/submissive club called Shackles as well as some internet chat room forays.

It was in one of the chat room ventures that he encounters a new screen name that intrigues him, Belleflower. He soon invites her to chat with him personally. In the course of getting to know each other, Belle?s long dormant emotions are revived. When the man she knows only as his screen name bishoplast requests specific information regarding her, she willingly gives it to him. Jasper, a.k.a. bishoplast, secures a table at the club where Belle sings, not just for the night, for the entire week. Belle has no idea of Jasper's true identity or what he looks like and Jasper uses that lack of knowledge to his advantage for the time being. He?s a well-known figurehead in the community and doesn't want his sexual preferences to become public knowledge. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to either Belle or Jasper, there?s a sinister threat lurking in the shadows just waiting to snatch away any happiness Belle and Jasper may find together. Will they be able to discover and stop the man who killed Belle's husband, before he kills again?

Christy Poff does an awesome job combining suspense, BDSM, and emotional elements to create an intensely exciting storyline that will have readers glued to the pages. Belle and Jasper are both wonderful characters that are truly delightful to imagine. Their devotion and trust in each other from the time of their meeting is obvious and endearing. The sexual encounters practically singe the pages but it's their vulnerabilities and willingness to give love another chance that I absolutely adore. MEMPHIS BELLE is the newest addition to Ms. Poff's INTERNET BONDS series. I'm very hopeful to see more of Leticia's story in a future book. She's Jasper's friend as well as a worker at Shackles who frequently helped Jasper when his need to be submissive overcame him. Beautiful job Christy! I look forward to reading the next book in the series.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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