Internet Bonds #5: Doctor Heal Thyself

Author: Christy Poff

Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

Release Date: June 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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As a sex therapist, Doctor Sheridan Greenlaw was very confident of her ability to understand and treat her patients. Until the day one of her patients questioned her about her own experiences. With her self-confidence in shatters, Sheridan sets out to educate herself in a most unorthodox way. She plans to personally engage in the sexual activities that she's never tried, all in the name of research.

Master R first encounters Sheridan in an online chatroom. He's intrigued by her and encourages her to talk about whatever it is that he can sense is bothering her. After hearing Sheridan's self-doubt, Master R sends her a questionnaire to fill out and requests that she send him proof that she's in good health. Having reviewed her answers, Master R decides that he can help and invites Sheridan to his ranch, where he does much more than raise cattle.


Unbeknownst to Sheridan, while she was preparing to leave for Master R's ranch, Seamus Melvin, a convicted murderer and sex felon escaped from custody. Sheridan had been one of the key players in getting him incarcerated in London. Now he's carrying out his threats of revenge and she is one of his targets. By the time he reaches Idaho, Sheridan has arrived safely at the ranch and there's no way for him to find her there. Scotland Yard isn't even able to locate her to warn her of the danger.

Even before Sheridan reaches the ranch, Master R feels that he is too emotionally involved with her. Instead of being her master and training her, he opts to have Ross working with Sheridan, but Master R will be monitoring her at all times - to ensure her safety as well as his own enjoyment. Ross initiates Sheridan into the basics of the D/s lifestyle, only he quickly learns that she is naturally submissive. Master R couldn't be more pleased. He'd fallen in love with Sheridan before meeting her in person and most of his staff feel the same way about her as well. Will Seamus uncover Sheridan's whereabouts? Is the escaped convict the only threat to Sheridan and Master R's happiness?

Christy Poff's DOCTOR, HEAL THYSELF had me spellbound from beginning to end. There are so many unexpected twists and turns in the plot that there was no way I could put the book down. Both Sheridan and Master R are well-thought out characters whose vulnerabilities will endear them to readers. You eagerly read through each step of their 'courtship,' waiting to see what will happen next. Every time you think you know what will occur, something happens that adds a new depth to the characters and plot that throw all your expectations out of whack. DOCTOR, HEAL THYSELF is the fifth book in Ms. Poff's INTERNET BONDS series, which just seems to keep getting better and better with each new book.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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