Internet Bonds Book 6: This Just In...

Author: Christy Poff

Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

Release Date: June 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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New York City reporter Brett Cannon has infuriated the entire BDSM community with his sensationalized report about the lifestyle - which he obviously knows nothing about. While the story got him great ratings and a network position, Brett's concerned because of all the hate mail. From the tone of the mail, he only touched on one small aspect of the Dominant/submissive lifestyle and he's determined to find out what it is he missed. The easiest way to find answers is the internet - will he find the answers to his questions in the online chatrooms?

During the day Ainsley Reynolds owns and operates a small bookstore in San Francisco. At night she prowls the bondage clubs. Normally she choses to be the Dominant, except for at one particular club, Midnight Pleasures, where she prefers to be unknown and trusts the Dominants explicitly. While she’d once had a bad experience there, the concern and care of the club owner reassures her that he’s doing everything in his power to ensure it doesn’t happen again. The last thing she anticipates is for the same man to return under disguise and repeat his violent actions almost a year and a half later.

Brett’s new position at the network means a move to Los Angeles. During the two weeks he has off before the move Brett’s done more extensive research into the Dominant/submissive lifestyle and realizes that he’d been premature in submitting his piece for airing. After he arrives in California Brett takes several weeks settling in and working on an assignment about immigration before he returns to researching more on BDSM. While checking out a new chatroom Brett inquired about a ‘Mistress Anya’ (Ainsley) and asked if she’d be willing to talk outside the forum. Soon his research is taking a backseat to the feelings that arise whenever he’s even thinking about Mistress Anya. After chatting for about a week Ainsley asks ‘Bqcannonyc’ where he’s located. It’s only a short distance away from where she’ll be going to see a plastic surgeon to have the damage inflicted on her repaired. They agree to meet and while the initial meeting doesn’t go exactly as they’d intended. They actually end up arguing and he walks out on her. Later he arrives at her room and admits to being uncomfortable with the role of a submissive. They share a desire that burns out of control. While Brett and Ainsley revel in their newfound love, young women’s bodies baring striking resemblance to Ainsley and similar injuries inflicted - begin turning up across North America. Could they be dealing with a serial killer and if so then why is he so fixated on Ainsley?

Christy Poff’s INTERNET BONDS has become a favorite series of BDSM reading for me and not just because they have really hot sex in them either. Ms. Poff never fails to create a powerful storyline full of exciting situations, characters you genuinely care about and there’s always an unexpected twist or two that leaves you gasping for more. With her latest release, THIS JUST IN . . . , readers are treated to a thrilling love story full of all the passion and tension you could want with characters who are simply delightful. I loved how Brett was realized that he must have missed something in all his research and on his own delved into the world of Dominance/submission for the answers to his questions. Ainsley is a loving woman who has good reason to be leery of new men she may meet, but she’s still brave enough to give Brett a chance.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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