Into His Keeping
By Sarah W
May 2, 2007 - 10:27:00 AM

Holdin Powell has loved only one woman in his life. Jill. She was it for him. The essence of everything love and womanhood should be. Though she was only eighteen when they met, he knew this was the woman he was going to marry. Unfortunately, it did not work out that way and fifteen years down the road Holdin is still trying to come to grips with the loss of Jill. He recognizes that it is now time to put his search for her aside and try to move on as best as he can. But life has yet another curveball in store for Holdin.

When Holdin sees Jill sitting in a booth at the local store, the store they met at, he is shocked, angry, happy, and just about everything in between. Jill has her own reasons for showing up after fifteen years and she is not sure how Holdin will take the news. Love was a major part of their early adult years, but fifteen years later, can the love and lust between Holdin and Jill prove strong enough to keep them together when there are many dangers at work trying to tear them apart?


Gail Faulkner is a welcome addition to any bookshelf, virtual or genuine and INTO HIS KEEPING is sure to become another keeper. Few authors write with the emotional intensity that her characters live and breathe. Holdin and Jill have a hard time keeping their hands off each other, but Jill is much more reticent with her emotions, with good reason. But Holdin will do anything, even talk about his feelings, to get Jill to trust him again. The love is still there, but as with anything, it is much harder to deal with as a full-fledged adult, especially when one has as many issues as Jill. However, the heat is definitely on! Ms. Faulkner scorches the senses with her BDSM themed love scenes that are definitely hot to the touch. Holdin is a powerful man but all the money or prestige cannot give him back Jill. He fights with determination, gusto, and a driving desire to finally have her in his life permanently. Talk about a sexy alpha male! INTO HIS KEEPING is pure passion come to life. I do not want to ruin the details but be assured, the plot and secondary characters, one in particular, will have you glued to the page. There is fantastic reading to be found within INTO HIS KEEPING.

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