Into the Fire
By Ann
Jul 1, 2008 - 3:03:06 PM

Vinh Murphy and Hannah Whitfield have been friends for a long time.  After his wife and her best friend, Angelina, is killed, Vinh closes himself off from the world except for Hannah.  She is his rock whenever he hits bottom.  After a dark night for Vinh has him leaving her yet again, Hannah wonders if he is in danger.  As her search leads her to the Troubleshooters headquarters, she meets his friends but they have not seen him.  When Hannah sees Vinh again, her anxiety only increases when she learns that Tim Ebersole, the man who may have been responsible for Angelina’s death is found dead.  All fingers point to Vinh especially since he cannot exactly vouch for his whereabouts during those dark days.  Can these two friends find out the truth behind this murder before another innocent person is killed?

INTO THE FIRE is the latest Troubleshooter book that has two wounded best friends learning how to live again after someone they both loved is violently killed.  Hannah doesn’t really know how to act around Vinh.  He is her closest friend but at the same time she is a constant reminder about what he lost when Angelina died.  She tries to be neutral but she loves him even with all of his destructive behaviors.  Vinh is caught between the memories of his wife and his changing feelings for Hannah.  She has always been the one thing good in his life but when did she become so important?  I liked the fact that they talked about Angelina throughout the book and that she is still a big part of their lives yet at the same time, they are trying to build something together.  In the backdrop, the numerous characters from the Troubleshooter series provide interesting fodder that will have Ms. Brockmann’s fans clamoring for more.  The danger that all of them face only heightens the emotions but also brings a dramatic sense of closure to what happened years ago.  I was quite taken by surprised but I have a new favorite couple that I really hope have a chance to make it although it seems really slim at the moment.  If INTO THE FIRE is any indication, I believe the next book will bring about some interesting turning points to several characters in the Troubleshooter series.

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