The Reliance Group Series, Book 1 - Into the Night
By Chrissy Dionne
Apr 1, 2011 - 12:24:06 PM

Former Marine and Las Vegas vice cop Nathan Fox enjoys his work as a surveillance supervisor at The Onyx Hotel and Casino, but it’s the assignments he receives through The Reliance Group that fulfill his need for the rush of adrenaline.  His boss, Caleb Roux, just handed him his newest case – it’s a missing teenager believed to be hooked up with a local billionaire known for his perversion – though proving it has been impossible.  This assignment parallels one that he’d focused on when he was a vice cop which ended badly.  For Nathan this assignment is very personal and failure is not an option.

Reporter Nicole Hutton desperately wants a juicy assignment, instead she’s being handed cheesy stories to investigate and report on.  Really, who cares about speed dating, online dating, or any of the other many ways to hook up with someone of the opposite sex?  She’s frustrated and more than a little irritated but then something surprising happens.  She actually meets someone and while she isn’t interested in happily-ever-after, there’s nothing wrong with indulging in a little mutual satisfaction with a sexy man.  What’s so exciting about her ‘hook up’ is a file she notices on a table in his home – a file featuring a prominent Las Vegas citizen and a missing young woman.


Nathan wasn’t at all happy about getting roped into participating in an evening of speed dating but meeting Nicole made the whole event worth it.  Unfortunately they exchanged very little information before jumping into bed together and in the morning she was gone.  Instead of attempting to track down Nicole Nathan opts to focus on infiltrating Preston Sloane’s inner circle so he can find and rescue Angela before it’s too late.  What he doesn’t expect is to discover Nicole dressed as a guileless teenager in a bid to garner Sloane’s attention.  For Nicole, or Nikki as she calls herself when in disguise, exposing Sloane’s seedier nature has taken on a personal nature.   Oh sure, as a reporter she’d like nothing more than to nail the story of the year but she’d once been taken advantage of by a man a lot like Sloane and saving another girl from that sort of hell is extremely important to her.  Nathan might not like the idea of her inundating herself into his investigation, but there are definite perks – like the amount of time they’ll have to spend together… in and out of bed. 


Janelle Denison wows readers with the first title in her new series, THE RELIANCE GROUP.  This series is based in Las Vegas and involves a group of ‘specialists’ who take on assignments no other agency will touch.  With INTO THE NIGHT, readers are treated to two characters who have experienced or at least have extensive knowledge of pedophiles and the ways they control their victims.  Nathan and Nicole’s intense attraction to each other holds you captive and gives you hope as they become immersed in Sloane’s depraved activities.  Through the characters’ eyes you’re able to better understand the emotional toll victims, as well as police officers who deal with people like Sloane, go through before, during and after their experiences.  The mixture of romance, lust, danger, suspense and emotional angst definitely make a heady combination and is sure to rocket Ms. Denison’s RELIANCE GROUP series right into the hearts of fans of her books.    No it’s not a WILDE’s book <sniffle> but I promise it’s just as riveting.


Mark your calendars now for the next title in this series which is being released in Octorer 2011, titled  NIGHT AFTER NIGHT and there will be another title in the spring of 2012.

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