Invitation to the Boss’s Ball
By Suzie Housley
Oct 2, 2009 - 4:53:41 PM

Alice Morton is an IT Consultant by day and a vintage fashion retailer by night.  She dreams of one day turning her moonlight job into a full time career with her friend Coreen.  Together the two of them share a passion for vintage clothes of the past.  They know if they are able to raise enough funds to finance a business it will become an overnight success.

An opportunity of a lifetime comes from an old family friend.  Jennie is seeking assistance to help plan a lavish ball for her step brother Cameron.  The event is to celebrate the grand opening of his new business.  With the funds from this project she will be able to open her dress shop sooner than she anticipated.     


Thirty-five year old Cameron Hunter has made a name in the computer industry through his development of software that can be found on every computer in existence.  His rise to the top has been one that has kept him focused on his goal and has left little time for any social involvement.  Now, as he is about to unveil his new business, he finds that he would like to share his great fortune with someone special.


When Cameron’s sister Jennie decides to suddenly elope he knows that he must ask his long time friend Alice to step in and fill in Jennie’s shoes.  The close contact with Alice has him seeing her in a different light.


The night comes and the business is presented, when the time comes for it to end, will the Prince be able to hold on to his Princess?


INVITATION TO THE BOSS’S BALL is why I call myself a devoted romance reader.  The magic and enchantment that this book radiates is priceless.  It delivers a fairy tale in which you will quickly get absorbed in all its splendor.  For those are seeking an escape from reality, with a modern day twist, this is definitely the book you want to add to your collection.





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