Invitations to Seduction
By Missy Andrews
Jul 10, 2003 - 5:50:00 PM

Illicit Dreams by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Lindsay Scott wants her sexy next-door neighbor, Hunter Jordan, too bad he’s already taken by one of the luscious cover girl models that he photographs. And she knows that he is taken because they have adjoining bedroom walls and a couple of times a week she has to listen to the proof coming from his bedroom. And even if they broke up she would still be out of luck because she has promised herself that she will not go out with any more guys who are on the rebound. She seems to attract them but once they have their confidence back, thanks to Lindsay, they move on and she has sworn, no more. Hunter knows that he is in serious trouble when he starts fantasizing about Lindsay while having some very wild sex with his current girlfriend. Ever since he and Lindsay started doing their weekly laundry together every Saturday morning he has been thinking about her more and more. He decides that he wants to do this relationship thing with her right, so he is going to take it nice and slow. So, when she takes him up on his offer to help put together an entertainment center he doesn’t even tell her that he broke up with his girlfriend some weeks ago because he doesn’t plan on being more just friends for a while longer. Well, you know what they say about things not always going as planned.

Going All the Way by Carly Phillips

Regan Davis is a Southern belle whose parents tried to raise her to be a "proper" lady. She was expected to date the right kind of guys, get married at a certain age and then stay home and be a dutiful wife. Those were her parent’s plans – not hers. When she finds out that her "proper" fiancee has been cheating on her she decides it’s time to take control of her life and live it the way SHE wants. When she goes to Divine Events to cancel her wedding plans and discovers a copy of Sexcapades she realizes that acting out the fantasy that she has chosen is going to be the first step on the road to her new life. Now all she needs is a guy to help her with her fantasy. When Sam Daniels steps out of the dressing room at Divine Events, where he is being fitted for a best mans tux, he is totally captivated by the woman sitting in the reception area. He is in town only for the weekend of his friend’s wedding and what this woman is proposing to him is straight out of his dreams. One wild weekend affair, no strings, no commitments just a very wild and wicked fantasy. The only problem is that the more time Sam spends with her the more he wishes that this fantasy didn’t have to end when the weekend was over.

His Every Fantasy by Janelle Denison

Leah Burton has to make a decision. The guy she has been dating for the past six months has proposed to her but she is not sure that she wants to marry him. It should be an easy decision. He is nice looking, respected, and they seem to want the same things out of life but she can’t help feeling that there should be more. More emotion, more passion, more excitement. And the fact that he seems to so easily resist her attempts to carry their relationship to the bedroom has her doubting her ability to seduce and arouse a man. So she turns to one of her best friends, Jace Rutledge, for help. Jace is sure that he is hearing things when Leah asks him to teach her how to satisfy a man. He has fought his attraction to her for years because her brother is his best friend and because he doesn’t feel like he is good enough for her. He tries to dissuade her but when she tells him that if he is not interested she will find someone who is, he acknowledges that he WANTS to be the man to tutor Leah in the fine art of seduction. And, if he only has one weekend in which to do it then he is going to make it a weekend to remember, for both of them.

I wonder if my local library or bookstore has a copy of this red leather bound book called Sexcapades? They may be getting a lot of requests for it after "Invitations to Seduction" hits the store shelves. In this fantastic anthology, this one very hot book helped three very different women find the courage to follow their hearts desire. I loved the whole concept of this book and was very pleased with the way these three talented authors tied together three totally separate stories. The book sizzles with heat and emotion as these three couples begin what they think will be a weekend of erotic fantasy but is actually the first step to a happily ever after, thanks to Sexcapades.


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