Irish Enchantment
By Chere
Sep 6, 2004 - 11:16:00 PM

In this anthology of three stories, we have a man walking across the beach dragging a sack.  This particular man has been responsible for his scapegrace nephew since the lad was orphaned.  Aodhan has been a particular trial to the old man.  His latest trick was stealing these three things.  Now the old man knew these items contained magic, and just as he's preparing to throw them into the Irish Sea, a goddess appears before him.  She has a particular job for him to do.  Instead of returning the items to their rightful owners, she's going to send the old man to different times and places to place the items where they are needed.  Our anthology deals with the placement of each of these three items.

In our first story, STITCHES IN TIME by Diana Hunter, we have Maggie Andrews.  After the death of her older brother, Maggie took it upon herself to one day take over her father's business when he finally retires.  In order to do this, she was forced to give up her dreams.  In order for him to feel comfortable leaving the family business in her hands, he insisted she learn the business from the bottom.  Which is why she was forced into taking this business trip to Ireland with Liam Finnerty. 


When their hotel room isn't ready yet, they decide to take a walk and go in some of the shops.  The shop they end up in is run by a little old man.  Maggie spies a torn bit of a tapestry and immediately wants it.  The only bad thing is, there's no way she can afford it.  See, Maggie has always dreamed of restoring antiques and her hands are just itching to find the rest of the tapestry and put the piece back together.  Against his better judgment, Liam buys the bit of tapestry for Maggie and arranges to have it delivered to the hotel.  Once back at their hotel, they discover a terrible mistake has been made and they end up sharing a room, a very small room.  While Maggie is in the bathtub, the tapestry is delivered.  Imagine Liam's surprise when the leprechaun in the tapestry begins talking to him!  This little guy tells Liam Maggie will one day be his wife.  The little guy also Liam he must find the rest of the tapestry to lift the curse.


Will Maggie and Liam be able to find the rest of the tapestry?  Will Maggie in trapped into a career she can't stand?  What of the attraction between the two?


In our next story, HARPIST BIZARRE by Sahara Kelly, we find concert pianist, Fay Krakowski, just getting over a break up with a man.  She decides to take a vacation in Ireland.  The odd thing is she begins having dreams concerning a man, the hunk of her dreams.  The next thing you know, she finds herself in a little shop and is drawn to an antique harp.  Of course, she ends up buying it.  The little old man in the store tells her to go down the road a piece and practice on it.  So she does and the next thing you know, she's dancing nude in a field!  A man comes to her and just when things start getting interesting, she's back on the rock with the harp between her legs.


Aodhan, now Aidan, was cursed to this 'non-existence' by the Goddess he stole the harp from.  She told him since he took her music, he would be in this limbo until the harp's song was once again released into the world.  He keeps dreaming of a woman.  Finally, he realizes he was imprisoned in the harp itself!


Will Aidan ever find his way out of the harp?  Will Fay ever get to meet the hunk of her dreams in real life?


In our third and last story, KISSING STONE by Tielle St. Clare we are introduced to Katherine 'Kit' Baumann, a college tutor.  One of her best friends, 'Jax', also happens to be the one man she has been in lust with since she met him.  So far, she has managed to keep her lust under control around him.  One day, Kit finds out her co-author won't be able to make the appearance on a TV station to promote their book.  Well, now she's in a panic.  Kit can't speak in front of people, that's why she became a tutor instead of a teacher.  In her panic, Kit goes for a walk and finds a little shop just as it starts to rain.  She goes inside and finds herself pulled to a rock.  The little old man who runs the shop tells her this particular rock is a piece of the Blarney Stone itself and if she will kiss it, she will get whatever she wishes for. 


At dinner with Jax, excuses herself to the restroom.  After straightening her hair, she decides to kiss the rock to see if anything happens.  While walking home, strange things come out of Kit's mouth.  Things she would never think to say, well, she would think them, but never say them out loud.


Will Jax respond to her words?  Will their relationship advance beyond mere friendship?  What of Kit's TV appearance?


IRISH ENCHANTMENT delivers exactly what it promises: light, fun, easy reads.  The characters are all engaging, I really love how Sahara Kelly dressed the goddess, the settings are all wonderful, and the sex is all hot.  If you're in the mood for an entertaining hot read with a bit of magic, you don't want to miss this one!

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