Irish Girls Are Back In Town

Author: Gemma O'Connor

Publisher: Downtown Press/Simon and Schuster

Release Date: Available Now

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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SPINNING SUGAR by Morag Prunty


Taciturn, lonely pastry chef teaches his best customer, unhappy and overweight Beverly, to appreciate life...through food.



Narcissistic, opportunistic Crystal Dolan is forced to mingle with ordinary fold during the long flight to meet up with her suitably rich fianc e


PART-TIME LOVER by Tina Reilly


Abby's Valentines Day brings a tough choice.  In order to carry on life with a man who loves her, she must let go of the past, and the man who loved her there.


DEEP THROAT by Clare Dowling 


When a wife, who knows the spark is fading from her marriage, catches her husband enjoying adult films, she has to find a way to compete...or not.


FACADES by Patricia Scanlan


Christmas is looming around the corner.  This family is having a hard time making ends meet.  Then an affluent school friend comes to visit.  Both ladies try to keep up images.




Tilly's bi-weekly visit to her grandmother is spiced with the story of a doomed love affair.  Never underestimate the loyalty and love of an Irish Girl.




Being the butt of a snobby woman's joke is only to be endured because of Emily's long friendship with the party's host.  Ms. Snob finds out that catty can flow both ways, and Emily is going to make sure to use it to her advantage.


THE WAKE by Una Brankin


Reminisces at a woman's wake give an unflattering view of her life.  Not all memories are fond, and this story has an unexpected twist.


THE CALLING by Cecelia Ahern


Maggie, with equal parts humor and exasperation, endures a rousting round of Bingo with her near deaf friend Aggie.  Surviving the embarrassing moments by reflecting on her life.


YOU, ME AND TALLISKER by Julie Parsons


For Amelia, it was quite a shock to find out that love at first sight could be a reality.  She learns the hard way this is just a myth, and teaches Tom all about the old saying about a woman scorned.


BLUE MURDER by Joan O'Neill


Tanya knew that moving back to her small hometown would re-open a can of worms.  Small towns hold the darkest secrets.


FLESH AND BLOOD by Marita Conlon-McKenna


Christine has returned to Dublin to reacquaint with her family and settle a few scores.


INSIGHT by Annie Sparrow


Christine's bad news turns into a liberating experience that allows her to live life to its fullest.


A LIFE OF TWO HALVES by Deirdre Purcell


We get a peek into the life and loves of an artist, as told by a very unique voice.


FIRST LOVE by Mary Ryan


Eilie experiences the pangs of first love and all of the trials and tribulations that go along with impressing a teenage boy.


CARROT FOR BREAKFAST by Rosaleen Linehan


Forbidden fruit is often the sweetest, Morna's surprise visit from and old acquaintance causes upheaval.  Perhaps a few words of wisdom from her childhood will help put things into perspective.




Two young sisters have a summer adventure involving an advertisement for a boyfriend send out to sea in a bottle.  They learn to look a litter deeper into the facades people carry.


DINNER WITH ANNIE by Gemma O' Connor


The line between best friend and worst enemy are blurred in this slightly chilling tale.




Illicit lovers decide to end their long standing affair for different reasons.


With so many stories it was hard to pick a favorite, I liked them all for one reason or another.  Although one or two stood out.  BLUE MURDER was very dark and Hitchcock-esque.  THE IRISH GIRLS ARE BACK IN TOWN pulled your heartstrings; everyone wants to believe in love everlasting.  In CARROT FOR BREAKFAST the clandestine is class.  INSIGHT shows that we need to live life to the fullest.  Auggie from THE CALLING will have you holding your sides from laughter.  You'll want to smack Stan for his insensitivity is SPINNING SUGAR.  All of these ladies pooled their talents to give the reader a wild ride on the emotional rollercoaster.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Jodi

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